Pregnancy can be tough-going.

Weight-gain, morning sickness, headaches and fatigue. It's certainly not nine months of heaven as you function as a life-sized incubator.

But one of the beautiful parts of pregnancy that makes-up for all those side-effects is the precious baby movements.

Most mums will agree that feeling their baby move for the first time is a joyous and wondrous moment. Mums, dads and siblings alike can all enjoy the energetic kicks as their unborn baby stretches, rolls and hiccups inside their cosy cocoon.

It's a delightful experience that mothers fondly remember about their pregnancies as they recall the very first, precious interactions with their growing baby.

This mum has captured this mesmerising experience on video as she records her very active bub, 'dancing' in her belly.

Take a look… but just a warning, your ovaries may start aching after viewing it!