An Aussie company has plans to disrupt the billion-dollar baby wipe industry with an innovative device specifically designed for parents on the go and we’re fascinated.

From Tuesday, parents can buy the  Baby Bum Shower – an ergonomically efficient, hand-held device that claims to enhance hygiene throughout the nappy changing process.

Essentially a small, hand-held ‘bidet’ that delivers soap and water, minimising waste by reducing the number of wipes used to clean a baby.

Baby Bum Shower helps by removing the need of baby wipes for No.1’s and significantly reducing the number of wipes needed for No.2’s.

Two registered and practicing nurses developed this clever unit as a solution to alleviate excessive use of single-use baby wipes and deliver better hygiene for the both the baby and the nappy changer!

“As registered, practicing nurses and mothers, we understand the importance hygiene and it became apparent there were so many ways we could do better,” says Jessica Whalley, Co-Creator and Co-Founder of the Baby Bum Shower.

“We spent years developing this product to ensure that it delivered all we needed it to achieve. With numerous prototypes we perfected it so that it was practical and easy to use, ergonomic, efficient and with a design that fit the modern aesthetic. The final product is the perfect example of form and function.”

the Baby Bum Shower is a ‘baby bidet’ on the go that fits in the palm of your hand.

With plans to turn the industry on its head, this device is challenging the billions of wipes that end up in landfill and waterways every year, by reducing this waste significantly. While the design is new to market, the philosophy is simple, retreating back to the best practical and proven method of hygiene – soap & water!

File this under ‘Why didn’t we think off this?’


How-To-Use the Baby Bum Shower

  1. Unscrew the lid and fill the device with soapy water, using sensitive pH balanced soap that is part of babies regular routine.
  2. Give it a simple squeeze to emit a gentle yet efficient spray of water to the area being cleaned.
  3. Rinse the entire area, washing the residue in to the wet/soiled nappy.
  4. Pat dry the area completely, or air dry.

The Baby Bum Shower retails for $39.95, with a 20% discount when you purchase two.