Scrolling through her highlight reel on Instagram and it might look like television presenter and former WAG, Bec Judd lives a glamorous lifestyle but at the end of the day, the mum-of-four still needs to deal with the mess her kids make and we can all relate to that.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Sunday, the 38-year-old, who along with her family and the rest of Victoria are on their third day of a snap COVID-19 “circuit-breaker” lockdown, gave us a glimpse inside her four-year-old twins bedroom and it is absolute carnage.

In the video above and the images below, you can barely see the floor of Tom and Darcy’s bedroom as toys and clothes are strewn everywhere.

Bec captioned the video: “Standard bedroom lockdown situation for T&D.”

We’re sure every parent can relate to their child’s room looking like this at some stage.

The lifestyle blogger who also shares son Oscar, nine and daughter, Billie, six with AFL star husband, Chris Judd, annouced in November last year that she was quitting her radio hosting duties to spend more time with her family in 2021.

Chris has also left his job in radio behind.

“It’s been one of those years … a COVID year, where we’ve spent so much time at home and as a family we’ve reprioritised what we’re doing,” Bec explained.

“This is the first time since Chris finished football, which would have been back in 2015, that we haven’t had any commitments … So he went straight from footy, straight to lots of media commitments, and this year has taught us that we just want to take a step back and not have those weekly commitments.

“He’s not doing radio anymore, I’m not doing radio anymore, so we’ve got a lot of freedom in our schedule and we’re very lucky to have that.”

She continued: “I’ve got such a young family, my twins start school not next year but the year after, so I’ve got one year left at home with them and we just want to really make the most of those golden years … they’re slipping away, those golden years.”

Bec with her four children and husband, Chris Judd.

Bec will be replaced on the 3pm Pick-up by Kate Langbroek, who is returning from Italy to her home in Melbourne. Kate will co-host alongside Monty Diamond and Yumi Stynes.