As mums ourselves, we know first-hand how overwhelming it can be to choose the best products to set you on the path for parenthood.

And the nappy-bag is a doozy of a choice. There’s just so much STUFF to lug around. Nappies, swaddles, sippy cups, wipes, clothes, creams, bibs … and that’s just some of the stuff you need for bub. And when you add in the wallet, iPad, keys, phone and other stuff that YOU need and well … you’re basically a pack-horse now.

So do you go for minimalist and try to haul around less stuff? Or do you go for alllllll of the pockets? Whatever you decide, you can be confident that someone has come up with a stylish and practical solution for you.

Even so, finding the right bag to haul all of your baby needs can be tricky.

Fear not, the Bounty Editors share their favourite nappy bags in the gallery below to make the search a little easier for you …

15 of the best Nappy Bags in Australia