There's nothing like talking to an experienced mum – one who's already been there and done that.

So, from the mouths of experienced mums to the ears of new ones, here is some invaluable advice…

1. Enjoy the chaos

"Don't stress about a messy house, just enjoy your baby. They grow up so quickly and you will only get to devote yourself to your firstborn once. When number two comes along you're too busy looking after number one to appreciate the time with your second in the same way."

Liz Martin, 35, mum to Erin, 3, and Noah, 8 months

2. Stop the guilt

"Second-time around, I'm not going to feel guilty about leaving Olivia with someone else so I can get things done. Right now, I'm at the hairdressers while both kids are happy at home with their dad."

Jen Rigby, 34, mum to Dexter, 3, and Olivia, 6 months

3. There's no rush

"Don't put pressure on yourself to get everything ready for when the baby is born. If they are in your room for the first six months, you won't even need a nursery until then. Also, lots of items can be bought well after the birth, when you'll have a better idea about what you need."

Hazel Ireland, 32, mum to Summer, 2, and Heidi, 3 months

"Don't stress about a messy house, just enjoy your baby." *(Image: Getty Images)&

4. A handy trick

"I never knew envelope-necked bodysuits could come off over a baby's head or down over the body. I only discovered this when Jake was 'helping' me undress Lucy one night and he pulled the bodysuit down and off at her feet. When I think of how many times I spread the poo further up poor Lucy's back."

Karen Edwards, 27, mum to Jake, 3, and Lucy, 9 months

5. Trust your instincts

"The number of times I followed advice about why Ellie was crying, to how many layers to dress her in or how much milk to give her, and it turned out I often knew best myself. With Lucy I had the confidence to ignore the advice and do what I wanted."

Alex Bradley, 35, mum to Ellie, 4, and Lucy, 10 months

6. Don't cry over tears

"I used to be distraught whenever my firstborn cried. Second-time around, I don't have the energy to be so emotionally wrung out. I know screaming is a way babies express themselves. Life is far less exhausting now."

Ruth Phillips, 37 mum to Josh, 4, and Henry, 5 months

7. Switch off autopilot

"When it comes to sleeping, do not rush to see your baby if he whimpers for a microsecond. And don't go into the baby's room every hour of the day or night to check if they are breathing. I learnt the hard way."
Katie Andrews, 25, mum to Leonie, 3, and Alfie, 5 months

8. Bathtime is fun time

"Don't be too precious when it comes to washing your baby's hair. With Lottie, I'd do everything I could to keep the water out of her eyes to avoid tears. But Ruby is so used to being splashed by her big sister that hair washing is a total breeze."
Sammy Carter, 27, mum to Lottie, 4, and Ruby, 13 months

9. Just go
"If your baby's crying is driving you crazy, you can just walk out of the room to calm down. As long as she's in a safe space, nothing terrible will happen."
Jenny Bates, 35, mum to Aidan, 4, and Rebecca, 22 months

10. Routine isn't everything

"I tried to put Mia into a nap routine from two weeks but she wouldn't follow the plan and I completely stressed myself out that I'd failed. It works for some babies but not for us. With Emily I just freestyled the naps, and she put herself into her own routine, which was then easy to stick to."

Alexa Anthony, 27, mum to Mia, 2, and Emily, 3 months