Being pregnant the second time is an entirely different experience than being pregnant with a first. And it’s not until now, as I’m waddling round during my second pregnancy, that I have realised how much I didn’t appreciate my first pregnancy.

I really struggled the first time round with the extreme nausea, chronic fatigue, fear and anxiety of not knowing what was happening, so I was absolutely determined that I was going to try and enjoy it so much more this time. But many things about a first pregnancy can’t be replicated…

1. Excitement levels
First pregnancy: “OMG YAY, I’m so excited for you, tell me all about it.”
Second Pregnancy: “Oh your pregnant again – cool.”
The first time around I found people we so overly excited for me, always asking me questions and showed such interest. Not that they aren’t excited the second time, but it’s certainly much more subdued. And truthfully, even I don’t have the time to think about it or talk in detail about with my little ratbag always in toe.
2. The milestones
I remember being so excited each and every time I had an appointment with my obstetrician or had a sonogram booked so I could see my little cherub. Each week I could tell you exactly how far along I was down to the day – “I’m 20 weeks and 3 days” and what size fruit she resembled.
Now when people ask how far along I am I have to think and they get something “about half way” or “I’m due in March”. I think I’ve had to reschedule almost every appointment because I either forget about it or it falls at an inconvenient time for Annabelle naps – woops!
3. Pregnancy knowledge
The first time around I had every single pregnancy app and was always checking on weekly growth developments or new things my baby could do. I spent so much time googling pregnancy symptoms, labour or chatting with other mums-to-be in my mothers group forums.
This time round I have one app and it’s only there to remind me how many weeks I am when I constantly forget.
4. Shopping for baby
The first time around I felt so overwhelmed by the choices and pressure to make sure we had all the right products, instead of enjoying the process. Then by the second time, we already have everything so I didn’t get to shop. Boo.
5. Getting your rest
I can’t tell you how much I hated people telling me “you should rest while you can” or “your so lucky you don’t have a toddler running around” the first time I was pregnant!
Yup, well your going to hate me now because I’m here to tell you after that first child, you NEVER have the opportunity to relax again! Oh, if only I could go back in time and pancake on the couch and watch back-to-back episodes of, well ANYTHING that wasn’t Peppa Pig, without being interrupted.

6. Baby shower
After having an over-the top and lavish affair for my first shower, I only realise now I didn’t spend enough time taking it all in. I felt so bad at the time people making a fuss over me and worrying about the details of the day. But as I look back now I wish I just stopped and relaxed, just so I could take it all in.
7. My baby belly
Toward the end of my first pregnancy I hated being so big, feeling like I wasn’t in control of my own body! It wasn’t until after I missed it so much and couldn’t wait to have my bump back so I could enjoy it this time. But sadly now I just find it an inconvenience because I am always chasing my toddler, lifting her and carrying her around – sorry bump!

And it’s not for a moment that I am enjoying this pregnancy any less either, because there are certainly things I have come to appreciate and relish this time around knowing what I know now.

For example, it goes a lot faster – which is great because let’s be honest no one with a toddler has time to pregnant. I also feel a lot more confident and in control, not fearing the unknown. And, best of all I get to share it with my little one, which is such a magical and adorable experience!

However, like I said there are many things about a first pregnancy can’t be repeated so try and enjoy them while you can!

*Written by Olivia White, mum of Annabelle (and one on the way) and blogger at House of White.

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