A new photo series is fighting against the pressure that society puts on women to “bounce back” after childbirth, aiming at empowering them to love their postpartum bodies.

This photo series is titled 'After The Baby Is Born' and is a part of The Honest Body Project, which aims to end body-shaming and promote confidence and self-appreciation.

Natalie McCain, creator of the project, photographed the same seven women whose pregnancy photos were featured in 'The Beauty In A Mother' series to show the variations of women’s bodies after giving birth.

New mothers are “baring their hearts and souls” in this series of black and white images taken only three to six weeks after childbirth, where they also share their thoughts and experiences on these early postpartum weeks.

McCain understands that the postpartum period is a time where body insecurities come to the surface. Through this series, she hopes that new mothers will understand that they are not alone in this struggle.

"I hope that new mothers will see these portraits and recognize that the postpartum period is beautiful and to not be harsh on themselves after they give birth," McCain said. "Ignore the messages that society gives you, telling you that your imperfections need to be fixed."

More photos from the series can be found on The Honest Body Project website and Facebook page.