Good, deep, restful sleep is the goal of every parent with a small child. While most babies love being swaddled, there comes a time when their escaping arms and constant waking can wear you down. We know that there are many parents and babies losing sleep as they search for a solution to keep their babies sleeping soundly for longer. We know this because we’ve been there.

Baby Loves Sleep is home to award winning innovative sleep solutions to help your baby sleep better, starting with our escape-proof newborn swaddle to calm the startle reflex, then transition to free arms without constant night waking by snuggling them into the Sleepy Hugs sleep sack and Hands In & Out sleep sack, and finally the transition to toddler pyjamas for active toddlers that have outgrown a sleep sack.

All Baby Loves Sleep products are designed and created by an Aussie Mum for a gentle yet effective sleep solution for all stages of your baby’s development!

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