We know firsthand that being a parent is an exciting and challenging journey. For b.box, these challenges represent opportunities! To design products that make parents lives easier and empower kids to be more independent. What makes b.box unique is the thought we give to design, functionality and aesthetic. It’s what sparks our most creative ideas and best innovations to create products that are not only functional but truly unique.

b.box sippy cup
b.box for kids
44 Reviews

Our award-winning sippy cup features an innovative weighted straw that moves with the liquid, whatever angle the…

b.box cutlery set
b.box for kids
4 Reviews

Designed in consultation with a leading paediatric occupational therapist, our cutlery set is the ideal toolkit …

b.box bowl + straw
b.box for kids
2 Reviews

We’ve solved the dilemma of how to drink cereal milk and soup – in a mess free and fun way. Our unique, deep…

b.box lunchbox
b.box for kids
1 Review

Kids love variety throughout the day, so we’ve designed a lunchbox that offers more flexibility. Featuring a l…


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