Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs Newborn Swaddle Wrap

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The Koala Hugs is a clever reinvention of the traditional square swaddle blanket designed to give newborn babies and their parents the long, deep restful sleep they need in those crazy early days.

Its design is based on a method of baby wrapping used by many midwives and maternity hospitals. The Koala Hugs swaddle blanket is made from soft, breathable cotton and features hidden inner pockets that gently cocoon your baby’s arms to continuously calm their startle reflex and keep wriggly hands from escaping the swaddle while they sleep.

As new parents, we are faced with so many new things to learn about how to care for our new baby and ourselves. If there’s one thing we can help you with, it’s making sure you and your baby get a good start with good sleep.

It’s super-easy for first-time parents, grandparents or any caregiver to wrap a perfectly inescapable swaddle every single time!

How it helps:

• Features clever built in arm pockets inside the wrap to gently cocoon baby’s arms for an escape-proof wrap.
• Guarantees a perfect and inescapable wrap every time.
• Removes the guesswork of complicated baby wrapping.
• Removes the need for tight wrapping that can do more harm to your baby’s physical development.
• Offers flexible ways of wrapping – arms across chest, arms up or down.
• Generously sized (120cm x 120cm) for a hip-friendly comfortable wrap.
• Accommodates a hip dysplasia hip brace, rhino brace or spica cast.

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