Do you ever find yourself imagining a world where bath time is not only headache free, but also something the kids look forward to? Well, you’re in luck!

From bubble bath to 2 in 1 hair care and bath colouring tablets to bath slime, these great products mean there’s no reason for your kids to NOT want their bath anymore.

We’ve shared some of our favourites below …

Gro-To’s Big Kids, Kids Bath And Body Set RRP $24.50

Gro-To from Zoë Foster Blake’s skincare line, Go To, have mailed making bath time fun!

Cruelty-free, nasties-free and carbon neutral, their products are a dream for skin of all ages and we’re loving this pack designed specifically for kids who have grown out of the baby stage.

Gro-To describes this set as an “unboring, useful gift for toddlers and kids that doesn’t feature a single superhero or unicorn!”

The pack includes:

  • Sud Bud, a gentle plant-based bubble bath/body wash
  • Super Softy, a nourishing and calming body lotion
  • Skin Wizard, a silky, soothing, magical body oil
  • Bad Dream Buster, a calming room spray
  • A sheet of sassy stickers
  • A classic ‘80s lunchbox to stick them on, plus store toys, pencils, interesting bugs or even lunch.

Perfect for those kids who aren’t babies anymore, mum!

Childs Farm 2 in 1 Organic Hair Rhubarb and Custard, $10

UK brand, Childs Farm has taken Australian parents by storm and the new 2 in 1 Organic Hair product is no exception. Not only will the kids love how yummy they smell, as it is fragranced with vanilla custard and organic rhubarb extract, but it helps clean and detangle hair with ease, leaving no room for tantrums, parents rejoice!

Designed for all hair types and suitable for newborns and upwards, it is dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin and also safe for people who may be prone to eczema.

This eco-friendly product is being exclusively sold at Woolworths Australia wide.

You can purchase here.

You only have to look at your Instagram Story feed, and you’ll likely see one of Childs Farms products being raved about.

Willy’s Kids Bubble Bath Colours, $5.79

Looking to make bath time fun for the kids? Look no further than Willy’s Bath Colours.

These fizzy tablets when dropped into the bath change the colour of the bath water to red, yellow or blue. Or you can mix them to teach your kids some new colours!

Willy’s Bath Colour tablets are non-toxic and will not stain the bath or towels.

You can purchase here.

Get the kids excited for bath time by letting them drop the tablet into the water and watch as it fizzes and magically turns the water a different colour!

WATCH: John Mayer Writes Love Song For Lush Bath bombs. Continues after video …

Gelli Baff Two Pack Powder, $10

Bring some fun into bath time with Gelli Baff, the stuff the turns your bath water into goo. Suitable for kids aged 3 and older, this non-irritant, stain-free product makes bath time for the kids a whole heap of fun!

To activate, sprinkle the first powder into the bath water and watch with the kids as it turns into goo. Then to deactivate, simply sprinkle the second powder over the goo, to dissolve it back into water and drain bath as normal.

There is an assortment of colours, each sold separately. And it even comes in glitter!

You can purchase here.

Gelli Baff turns your bath water into goo!

Childs Farm Bubble Bath, $10

We know kids love bubbles, and not only does this foaming bubble bath make bubbly bubbles, its organic tangerine fragrance also contains essential oils, designed to clean and moisturise all skin types. Use in every bath for happy skin and fun bath times!

Suitable for newborns and upwards, this product is dermatologist and paediatrician approved as being suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema.

To find out more, click here.

They’ll never want to get out of the bath!

Hoop and Dunk Hippo, $10

Forget the horrors you associate with kids and bath time, now every bath time can be a slam dunk! With a hoop that forms into a net and three colourful bath balls, kids will have endless fun in the tub.

It easily attaches to the side of the bath and helps teach and develop fine motor skills in little ones.

Suitable for ages 12+ months.

Purchase it here.

Who says the bath is not a place to play?

Crayola I Change Colour 2 – Tone Colour Change Scrubby, $3

Bath time will be a breeze with these two-colour change scrubbies. These soft mesh bath sponges will gently wash away all the dirt from the day’s activities, while keeping the kids entertained as they watch the colours magically change.

Just add warm water to activate the colour change, and then cold water will change them back

They are available here.

Getting clean has never been more fun!

First Creations Bath Crayons 5 Pack – Assorted, $5.98

These crayons are suitable for use on all surfaces in the bathroom, meaning the kids will have a ball doodling all across the bath tub.

And not to worry parents, they have a washable design that can be wiped clean with a dry cloth and they are non-toxic for added piece of mind.

There are five colours available in the pack including yellow, purple, red, green and blue.

Buy them at Officeworks instore or online here.

These are for the kids, remember …. THE KIDS!