After enduring 40 weeks of pregnancy and the life-changing experience of giving birth, there’s probably nobody on earth more deserving of a little pampering than a brand new mum.

When a new baby comes into the world it’s only natural to want to buy gifts for them – and we’re all for that because baby shopping is adorable – but choosing a gift to acknowledge the journey that a new mum is on is an equally sweet notion.

New mums go through so much to bring life into the world, hamper gifts are a sweet way to acknowledge that journey.

Settling into life at home once you’ve left the hospital can be a gentler transition when a new mum has everything they need for themselves close at hand. Fortunately Australian hamper companies know this, and have the perfect hamper gift for you to bestow up on the new mum in your life.

Whether your gifting a relative, a friend, or a colleague the sentiment is the same. We all want new mums to know just how incredible we think they are, and that we’re thinking of them as they spend their days nurturing their sweet new babe.

The hamper companies featured in the gallery below have nailed that sentiment perfectly. Happy shopping!