Fact: every baby will get some kind of nappy rash at some time during their nappy-wearing life.

Sometimes it will just be a mild rash and your baby won’t even be aware of it – but sometimes (in fact, often) it can be so inflamed that your baby will wince every she wees.

The best thing is there are some very good lotions and potions out there which can ease your baby’s discomfort almost overnight. These are our faves.

Bounty Baby Award Winners – Best Nappy Rash Product 2020

The winning baby products in Bounty’s 2020 Baby Awards have all been exhaustively tried, tested and voted on by real mums, bubs and Bounty’s expert panel.

Products were put through their paces over a period of six months in three different settings: at home in real-life situations, in a retail environment and online. The products submitted were assessed on quality, value for money, user-friendliness and innovation.

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The winners of the Best Nappy Rash Product 2020 are:

GOLD: Sudocrem Healing Cream
SILVER: QV Baby Barrier Cream 125g
BRONZE: Curash Babycare Medicated Nappy Rash Spray

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The Best Nappy Rash Products in Australia

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