If there’s one thing that Chrissy Teigen will not stand for its being shamed for her parenting choices.

The television host is known for being upfront and honest and is known to clap-back at anyone and everyone, particularly online trolls.

The most recent controversy has seen the Lip Sync Battle host being pushed so far that she has threatened to quit the internet.

Chrissy, 34  was sharing a new video via her Cravings website and explaining how she has created a menu for her daughter, Luna, three who has become a fussy eater. Food options included cereal with berries on top.

The cookbook author was understandably shocked to be faced with backlash from trolls who questioned her food choices.

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Chrissy threatened to leave the Internet after she was shamed for feeding her children berries.

While one of the initial judgmental tweets has since been deleted, Chrissy quoted part of it in her take down:

“‘You are so far removed from reality it’s scary’, over f—king BERRIES, and I say I want to leave the internet,” Chrissy clapped back. “And I am the one attacking. Amazing.”

Fans were quick to come to the star’s defense, saying that they admired her for calling out the parent shamers.

“Your bravery and basic ‘I am not giving your s**t the time of day’ is what makes following you fabulous,” one person wrote.

“Never met you and probably never will, but I admire that you smack back. We NEED more of that.”

Chrissy shares two children, Luna and one-year-old son, Miles with her musician husband, John Legend.

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Another celebrity to face criticism from fans recently was Kim Kardashian. The mum-of-four was called out over what she must feed her children after she shared an image of herself to Instagram with an almost empty fridge on display. With no food to be seen, the fridge appeared to only stock five large cartons of milk, a pitcher of lemonade and several bottles of water.

“I see nothing in that fridge that reflects a family with 4 kids haha! I just cant relate. Sorry,” tweeted a fan.

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Fans were understandably confused when the mum-of-four showed off her fridge that contained no food.

The 39-year-old reality star later address the mystery of the empty fridge, sharing the other main fridge the household uses, which is more like a cool room.

“So it did look like an empty refrigerator that I took the photo in front of, I have to admit,” she explained.

“But this is our big main refrigerator, guys. I also have another pantry. Because this is the kitchen that we cook in.”

Kim said the fridge in the Instagram post was the designated drink fridge where she keeps “fresh juices” and “fresh water,” as well as several types of milk — “all my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys.”

And there you have it, mystery solved.

So, this is Kim Kardashian’s main fridge. It’s a huge room.