Self-care is important. We get it. Taking time-out for yourself, especially as a mother but also for children, is important for your body and for your mental health.

At first thought, the fact that Mattel has released a new “Wellness” Barbie collection is fabulous.

“The Barbie Wellness collection will introduce girls to the benefits of self-care through play,” the brand said in a press release.

“The collection teaches girls daily routines that promote emotional well-being and includes three key themes: meditation, physical well-being, and self-care; because Barbie knows to be one’s best is to give yourself the best care.”

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Spa Barbie indulges in “me time” by soaking in a tub.

The Collection includes five different options, including Barbie, the Spa Doll. She comes with a range of products for “me time,” including a bath brush, bath bombs and a candle.

“Soak away the day with spa and bath products that include a rubber duck, magazine, bath brush, towel, box of bath bombs and candle,” reads the press release.

Then, there’s “Breathe With Me Barbie”. She sits cross-legged on the floor in a mediation pose. And when you press on her necklace, she guides you through one of five meditation exercises.

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There’s also “Fitness” Barbie. Her already unrealistically-thin body is dressed in on-trend athleisure wear and her accessories include a yoga mat and a protein bar.

Over the years, Mattel has constantly evolved Barbie to keep her timely. Recently we applauded their most inclusive line yet, which featured dolls with vitiligo, one with no hair and another with a gold prosthetic limb.

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Fitness Barbie wears a GRL PWR tee, carries a yoga mat and weights and snack on a protein bar.

However, the issue with the “Wellness” range which doesn’t quite sit right with us, is that self-care doesn’t need to be glamorised nor expensive and that’s what this collection is promoting.

You see, play is self-care for kids. We don’t need to be teaching them that self-care is about fancy skincare regimes and pricey gym memberships.

For a child, simply playing with their toys and letting their imaginations run free is all the self-care they need.