Kids can say some cringe-worthy things in public without ever realising, but none are as bad as these.

A Reddit thread called: ‘Parents on Reddit, what was the most embarrassing moment for you caused by your children?’ garnered some hilarious comments that we just had to share.

Here are the best ones:

“Was riding on a public bus and my five-year-old put her hand on a guy's shoulder in the seat front of us and said – ‘This man is very fat.’”

“My daughter's day care had circle time every morning as a way to start the day. Anyway we were late and walked into the middle of circle time. My daughter said ‘we're late because my Mummy had diarrhea’.”

“When my sister was pregnant with my nephew, my sister kept the baby's name a secret from my then four-year-old niece. While babysitting my niece, I convinced her that her parents were planning to name the new baby Homeslice. She announced her new brother's name to everyone in her daycare, random strangers at the grocery store, or anyone else who would listen. My sister still hasn't forgiven me for that one.”

“Was at an amusement park and there was a Sikh security guard. My cousin loudly said, ‘Why do genies work here?’ The security guard tried to keep a straight face, it didn't work.”

“When I was like, 3-5 years old, I was at the mall with my dad and he was doing something, so I walked up to this man and shouted, "’You're a fat man!’. He then responded, ‘no I'm not a bad man.’ He misheard me so of course I had to correct him and shout even louder that he was a fat man. Then I got in trouble and hid behind my dad.”

“I'm not a parent, but my brother is fifteen years younger than me so people in public typically think he's mine. We went to the museum when he was about four and they had an exhibit about mummies. He was a little rowdy but nothing too bad, and at one point he asked for me to pick him up so he could see one of the mummies through the crowd. The tour guide was giving us historical context on this ornate mummy covered in gold and jewels and everyone was quietly taking it in and asking very intellectual questions when my little brother shouts as loud as he can, ‘Look, he doesn't have underwear on! You can see his peepee!’”

“I was waiting in A&E with my three-year-old son after he swallowed a thumb tack. I needed to pee and had to take him with me into the small toilet beside the waiting room. I'm mid-stream and he shouts out in his best voice. ‘Dad, your willy is SOOOOOO big.’ Everyone in the packed waiting room heard him and the rest of the wait was pretty awkward. I nearly died of embarrassment.”

“When my son was 4, and watched Space Jam, he thought every black man was Michael Jordan. When we would go somewhere, he would point at every black man he saw and yell ‘Michael Jordan!’”

“A week or so after coming home with her newborn sister, my three-year-old daughter said to me ‘Mom, hers a nice baby but her gots to go back now’. When I asked where, she answered the hospital. She was adamant we take her back.”