While 2020 has been a wild ride with COVID, there are some silver linings to be found and that is, dads are being given the opportunity to spend more time than ever before at home with their families.

They are also doing jobs around the house while they are at home. It’s a win-win!

Findings from the recent ‘Bing Lee Deserving Dads Report’ reveals that 82% of dads have made improvements and changes at home since March 2020, with 44% of fathers having spent more quality time and become increasingly connected with their family.

The national survey found almost half (44%) of dads started doing more or new household duties than they have previously, while 39% claimed to have completed more activities with their children, including home-schooling, playing boardgames or exercise/ sports, suggesting that dads have been more hands on.

Fitness trainer Sam Wood is currently in lockdown in Melbourne, with his wife Snezana (who won Sam’s final rose in the 2015 series of The Bachelor) and their three girls, and he says the importance of dads being present and engaged in the home is higher than it has ever been.

“The last few months have made everyone realise how important it is to slow down and enjoy quality time with their families; and I am no exception,” explains the 40-year-old.

“I’ve been working hard to stay on top of my health both mentally and physically. I make sure to eat well and incorporate as much physical activity into my day when I can. I’ve also been working hard to strike a healthy balance between working from home and spending time with Snez and the kids, but if I ever need some time to myself, I enjoy tending to the garden as a way to relax.

“Most of us are saving time on commutes, and less commitments outside of the home, allowing us to better ourselves for and with our families. I always try to find a silver lining, and for me just having that little bit of extra time with the kids means the world. The benefit of increased time in the home this Father’s Day means that the kids, Snez and I are all going to be together, creating unique memories and exceptional bonds.”


Sam says that despite COVID, he and his wife, Snezana and their three daughters, Eve, 15, Willow, two and Charlie, one, will be making the most of his special day.

“We are planning to do something as a family; whether it be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, going for a quick bike ride or staying indoors and watching a movie, we will definitely be making a day out of it. Family bonding is so special to me so I’m quite keen for the Father’s Day this year,” he says.

“As long as we are enjoying each other’s company, spending quality time together and creating memories, Father’s day will be a great success in the Wood household.”

During lockdown, Sam has been sharing free live daily workouts at 9am on his 28 by Sam Wood Facebook page.

With Father’s Day fast approaching Sam knows that this one will be vastly different compared to previous years but says there is no reason why it has to be any less exciting or activity filled.

“An inside picnic, making smoothies with our new Nutribullet or having a movie marathon are a few ideas that have been thrown around in my household,” he says.

“Regardless of the circumstances, any quality time spent as a family will always be held at a high regard. However, I acknowledge that it isn’t always possible for families to spend a whole Sunday together, so perhaps Father’s day for others would mean having to move celebrations to another date, or even just a quick video/phone call whilst away from the family.”

When asked what fatherhood means to him, Sam says it means “absolutely everything”.

“It means persevering when I have no energy left and being present when my kids need me most. Nothing makes me happier than raising three powerful girls with Snez.

“There’s really not much anyone can do or say to prepare you for the whirlwind that is fatherhood, but I’ve loved every second of it. Kids truly test your boundaries but that’s nothing compared to the immense joy they fill you with and wealth of knowledge that comes with being a father.

“Fatherhood for me is a continuous learning curve, many uphill battles and sleepless nights, but it’s also lifelong memories and never ending laughter. The feeling of being a proud father is truly incomparable. Being a Dad is a handful but the best and most important job I’ll ever have. I love it.”

Commenting on the ‘Bing Lee Deserving Dads Report’ results Sam says, “The Bing Lee Deserving Dads Repor’ highlights that Aussie dads are looking for gifts that enable us to connect with our families and improves our skillset. The top of my wish list this Father’s Day is a JBL speaker as we my family loves to dance – especially Charlie.”

Need some more gift ideas for Father’s Day? 

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The beats will be flowing with room-filling stereo sound, 10 hours of battery life plus a waterproof design to take Dad from sunny mornings to rainy nights.

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