Singer Mark Furze who is known for competiting in season 9 of The Voice Australia has taken to Instagram to share some heartbreaking news.

The former Home and Away star, 34 and his wife, Laural Furze have revealed to fans they are currently experiencing a pregnancy loss.

Mark Furze, who married in 2015, shared the following message to Instagram, alongside a snapshot of the couple at hospital.

“Been riding a rough wave recently. My courageous wife Laural says it beautifully below. I love you Lollie, I’m so proud of you.”

Mark then reposted a heartbreaking messsage from Laural’s Instagram:

“It’s difficult to open up and post the hard stuff on social media but it doesn’t feel right only posting the good. We all go through hard times and for Mark and I this week’s been incredibly sad. @themarkfurze and I were going to make a big announcement this week..

“We’re having a baby! I’m 10 weeks pregnant and we’ve been so excited, daydreaming about what our little human would be like, getting ready for this new chapter.

“But, at my ultrasound we found out that the pregnancy isn’t viable and I’ve had what’s called a missed miscarriage where my body still thinks it’s pregnant but the fetus hasn’t progressed.

“I’m currently at the hospital waiting to have a D&C procedure to help my body along with the process.”

Laural, who is a fitness trainer and the 2007 winner of Miss New Zealand, continues her post, writing:

Pregnancy loss isnt talked about much, but it’s actually really common and happens to 1 in 4 pregnancies.

“I have peace in knowing that it’s likely because the embryo wasn’t 100% healthy and not compatible with life.

“But still it’s been an incredibly difficult few days to process everything. I cry a lot and have eaten ice cream everyday this week.. The tears are slowly stopping, but I think I’ll keep eating ice cream for at least another week!!

“I wanted to share this because it doesn’t feel right just pretending this huge life event hasn’t happened to us. I want to respect it and be open about it.

“Women should feel more comfortable to talk about pregnancy loss and that’s another reason I felt compelled to share my story. I’m sure there’s a few of you reading this that have been through the same thing 💓 It sucks, but it’s nothing to feel ashamed about.”

Laural, 34 goes on to say she is grateful to have Mark by her side during this tough time.

“I’ve had a wonderful support network around me and I couldn’t imagine doing this alone. Mark has been so incredibly wonderful to me this week, I feel so grateful to have a man like him by my side. We will get through this and we are doing our best to stay positive.

“We will try again one day in the future, but for now we will take things one day at a time and find our way back to a new normal.”

Mark and Laural’s post was met with an outpouring of support with many friends and fans thanking them for sharing their heartbreaking and talking about miscarriage so openly.

Host of The Voice, Renee Bargh wrote: “Thinking of you both and sending so much love and strength. Thanks for sharing Laurel, it’s so brave & will help so many women feel less alone. ❤️ x”

“Hey guys so sorry to hear of your loss. Hang in there, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. You will both come back stronger. Thank you for sharing. I found being open about my story helped with my healing. I had 2 of these 5 months apart 😩. Sending positive vibes your way 💕❤️” wrote one follower.

“Words are never enough in heartbreaking times like these. Many of us know exactly how this feels,, myself included. But you both are in my thoughts, and i honestly know that when the time is right, it will happen and everything will be perfect. Much love to you Mark and Laural,” penned a fan.