Amazing images of a newborn baby holding the contraceptive coil his mother used in a failed attempt at contraception, have gone viral.

The baby boy was born Hai Phong International Hospital in northern Vietnam and the intrauterine device (IUD) came out with him and the newborn grabbed it.

The boy’s 34-year-old mum, who has two other children previously, is said to have inserted the IUD two years ago.

Obstetrician Tran Viet Phuong captured the incredible photos of the child with his eyes closed, gripping the IUD tightly.

“After delivery, I thought him holding the device was interesting, so I took a picture. I never thought it would receive so much attention,” Phuong told VN Express.

He also said the IUD may have failed to prevent pregnancy if it had moved from its original position.

The baby boy is gripping his mum’s failed contraception device.

The newborn was born healthy, weighing 3.2 kilograms and baby number three for his mum.

The images of the baby have gone viral with people in awe of the little one’s miraculous arrival.

“This baby was destined to be born,” read one Facebook comment,

“Someone I know had this happen to her. Her baby was born holding the coil,” another wrote.

According to the obstetrician, the IUD may have more from its original position, becoming an ineffective form of contraception and allowing the mother to become pregnant.

According to Health Direct their are two types of IUD’s available to use and are placed inside the uterus to prevent pregnancy.

The difference between the two which are both similar “T” shapes are one is made from copper acting more as a physical barrier to prevent pregnancy, while the other is made from plastic and has a slow-release hormone. Both prevent sperm from being able to fertilise a woman’s eggs.

IUDs are more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, but rare failures – or mircales – can happen.