By Zoe Gilpin (@thediydecorator)

When it comes to showing your mum how much you care this Mother’s Day, why not brush up on your craft skills?

Interior decorator Zoe Gilpin shares two DIY boho-inspired projects that are not only easy for kids to make but also look luxe too.


DIY Bamboo Plant Pots

What you’ll need:

  • Gorilla Clear Grip
  • Gorilla Spray Adhesive
  • Plant pots (plastic or ceramic)
  • Dowel or Bamboo Lengths
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Two in one primer and spray paint

Create a DIY pot plant holder in four easy steps.

Activity steps:

  1. Cut your lengths of dowel or bamboo to size so that they are the same height or slightly higher than your pot.
  2. Glue the pieces to the side of your pot vertically.
  3. Repeat process until pot is completely covered. Let dry.
  4. Optional: Spray with your choice of coloured two in one primer and spray-paint.

Tip: When selecting your pots, ensure you are using something with a straight edge for the rope or dowel/bamboo to stick to. You can use any size and finish pot you like.

Add a pot plant and you’ve got a gift Mum will love.

DIY Wreath

What you need:

  • Gorilla Clear Grip
  • Cane Wreath Ring
  • Pliers and Scissors
  • Faux Flowers and Foliage
  • Jute String

Choose florals in a colour that will match your mum’s home decor.

Activity steps:

  1. Start by adding your larger florals to the wreath ring by trimming their stems to the required lengths and slotting them in between the cane pieces of the wreath where you want them to sit. Secure all of the florals in place with Gorilla Clear Grip.
  2. Then begin layering your medium florals and foliage where you would like them to sit and gluing them in place.
  3. Ensure you let each layer dry before adding the next to ensure a strong hold.
  4. Finish by filling gaps with small pieces of foliage and smaller florals to the arrangement.
  5. Add a loop of twine to hang your wreath.

Tip: When selecting your foliage and florals for your wreath, make sure you have ones of varying sizes to help you layer your wreath and fill all the gaps and to pick a colour palette that consists of two or three tones to help create a well-balanced final product

Oh so pretty!