A new cleaning product is now available in Australia and yes, this is the kind of news that we get excited about nowadays.

If you haven’t heard of Stardrops’ The Pink Stuff, it’s worth noting that this tub of cleaning paste has cult status in the UK.

Queen of clean and British glamour mum, Mrs Hinch, or Sophie Hinchliffe says The Pink Stuff is her go-to cleaning product and her four million #hincharmy Instagram followers call a ‘miracle’ cleaner.

According to the press release, The Pink Stuff will “rid most surfaces of all marks with ease”.

The Pink Stuff is super-tough on stains, penetrating then removing dirt, grease and grime, leaving surfaces shiny clean… all while using 99% natural cleaning particles. Whether you’re cleaning tiles, glass, paintwork, outdoor furniture, cooktops, ovens, pans, doorhandles, sinks, baths, showers, BBQs, car wheels and even trainers, the list is endless.”

Queen of clean, Mrs Hinch shares her best cleaning hacks with her 4 million Instagram followers.

“Get your tub of Pink Stuff and your Scrub Mommy and start Hinching away all those stubborn marks on the inside of the oven and glass” says Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs. Hinch.

“Or take The Pink Stuff and a Scrub Mommy and work a decent amount of the paste onto the filthy underside of a saucepan. Leave for a bit and then work your Scrub Mommy in circular motions to work the paste into the pan then scrub off any burnt-on debris. Scrub Mommys is non-scratch so you won’t damage your pans, leaving them as good as new!”

Mrs Hinch used The Pink Stuff to transform her old Converse sneakers into looking like new again.

The Pink Stuff + Scrub Mommy twin pack is available online for $13.50.

On YouTube, The Pink Stuff’s five highest rating fan videos have clocked up over half a million views – here are five of their best cleaning hacks

  • Tea and coffee stains in the bottom of old cups – Scrub Mommy is perfect for reaching the inside bottom rim.
  • Grouting between tiles – use an old toothbrush.
  • Anything rusted – doorknobs, knockers and handles, towel rails, toasters, kettles, bins and beyond.
  • Old bicycles or kiddie scooters looking muddy, dirty and rusty? Use the Pink Stuff on the wheels and frames to bring them back to life.
  • Metal garden furniture has a habit of rusting if it’s left to the elements – use The Pink Stuff to remove the rust and get chairs and tables shining like new.

The Pink Stuff is imported exclusively by CleanHQ for purchase at www.cleanhq.com.au