By Louise Duke, Founder of Wondery Skin Food

In 2018 my world as a wife and mum was rocked to the core.

After noticing a very dark mole on my back in 2016 I visited the Doctor at home in New Zealand who said it was fine. That same Doctor again said it was fine in 2017.

It was the beginning of 2018 whilst visiting Pottsville on Australia’s NSW north coast that I decided to have it checked again.

Three days later I was in oncology with the not so fine mole being an aggressive fast growing melanoma.

On the advice of the treating oncologist, I did not return to NZ, but stayed in Pottsville to begin treatment immediately.

I had the mole removed and margins taken, my lymph nodes were removed in my arms, breast and groin. It had tracked to all three because of its location on my back. My mindset really had to shift if I wanted to be here long term for my babies.

Our bodies often tell us when things aren’t right, as mums we put ourselves second all the time. But trust me, if you have any niggling doubts about absolutely anything follow it up.

When visiting the Tweed Coast for a holiday, Louise Duke got news that would change the entire trajectory of her life.

Making the decision to stay in Australia for treatment really changed everything. I had a great oncologist, and went into a total health zone with a vegan diet and after surgery the Dr couldn’t believe the results.

I was clear and good to go home. He encouraged me to carry on with wherever I was doing as it was working. This started my mindset shift and the changes in my everyday life.

My business Wondery Skin Food was born when we eliminated toxic products from our household.

Changing to whole foods and ‘clean’ cleaning products was easy but make up and skin care was a whole other ball game. I began making my own make up and not long after people started to notice the difference in my skin. A friend suggested I should start up a business and from there the idea grew into today.

“My business Wondery Skin Food was born when we eliminated toxic products from our household.”

I started by making Coco Cheeks the loose mineral powder, it’s a bronzer and I just love it, I made it in my kitchen experimenting with colours and ingredients when the kids had gone to bed.

I got excited because it worked really well so I tried a lighter one (Nudie Nutmeg) and then a pinkish one (Beetroot Blush).

Originally I was going to just have the loose mineral powders for sale but my creativity got the better of me and I made the lip and cheek stain and the highlighter and lumnizer.

“The best advice I’ve ever received as a mum is that you are doing the best with what you have, do not compare EVER!”

I set myself a very small budget in my head and attended new business workshops, Facebook workshops and anything I could go to really to learn how to do things myself.

I met new friends and contacts that have been so knowledgeable and helpful through putting myself out there. It wasn’t easy but I had to put my big girl pants on.

I found a lovely lady, who is a mum of three children under five who did website set up in a pay as you go system, so I only paid for what I needed as and when I needed it. This has worked so well because as I’ve grown I’ve added more features.
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Managing family and small business is definitely a juggle, working from home for yourself is not a 9-5 job and sometimes it’s hard to switch off. I try to make the weekends as free from Wondery as possible so I can be present for my family, after all that was the driving force behind starting out.

I love the sun, I won’t deny it, it’s why we moved here. But now I’m conscious of when I am out in it, how long I’m at the beach and I’m always covered up.