As a mum to two teenage daughters who she shares with partner, newsreader and journalist, Peter Overton, television presenter, Jessica Rowe is looking forward to taking some time out this Mother’s Day to relax with her family.

According to new research commissioned by Bing Lee, 60% of Aussie Mums want quality meal time with their family while almost half of (47%) Aussie Mums would like to be treated to a nice lunch or dinner prepared for them by their family.

Jessica, who is a Bing Lee Mother’s Day Ambassador weighs in on the results saying, “Aussie Mum’s make the world go round! It’s rare we take time for ourselves so it doesn’t surprise me that over almost three quarters of Mum’s just want to put their feet up and spend some quality time with their families this Mother’s Day. The survey shows that Aussie Mum’s want some time to relax after a tricky 2020.”

Ahead of Mother’s Day on May 9, Bounty Parents chatted to Jessica Rowe to find out more about her ideal plans for Mother’s Day.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

Well, I love getting breakie in bed. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy breakfast, I just want a lovely, hot cup of coffee, the newspapers and some toast. And just to be left in peace. That’s my idea of a perfect Mother’s Day.

I think it’s important for mums to just to take a bit of time out for themselves. We’re so busy looking after everyone around us that we can lose ourselves and forget what it is that makes our heart sing.

I love being in bed with a big cup of coffee, not having to rush anywhere and just stopping.

Jessica Rowe is looking forward to breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day.

It really is so important for mums to to take some time out for themselves, isn’t it?

Absolutely! It’s probably the only time when I am left in peace. Don’t make me get up and do things and race around. But, while Mother’s Day is a really beautiful, happy day for me and for many other families I think it’s important that we remember other women who might be finding it to be a hard day. They might not have a great relationship with their mum, or they might long to be a mother. It can be hard so I’m always mindful of that as well.

I realise how lucky I am as I have nothing more than I could possibly want, I have my beautiful girls, my darling husband and that’s what I wished and hoped for.

How are Peter and the girls when it comes to choosing gifts for you?

Well, I will often have to guide him and drop some hints but honestly it’s not about the gifts. Even though last year was pretty crappy for many families I think what it did highlight for all of us is the importance and the joy in the time that we spend together and how meaningful that is and for me the greatest gift is the time that we can spend together.

Are certain gifts, like kitchen appliances and cleaning products, a big no-no?

Dare I say, if someone gave me a vacuum cleaner, I’d trip them up with it! By all means, throughout the rest of the year, knock yourself out with those sorts of family purchases. Saying that, my husband is very handy with a vacuum cleaner. He loves whizzing around with it. But, I would be saying, ‘Do not go down the cleaning appliance track at all’.

Jessica with her two daughters, Allegra and Giselle.

For Mother’s Day would you prefer a meal at home or to be taken out to a restaurant?

To be taken somewhere for lunch or dinner, I’d love this. So then, there’s no cleaning and none of the preparation and everyone can relax and have a lovely time. We’ve got a fabulous local pizza restaurant down the hill from where we live, that we just love. If we can go there for lunch, I’ll have an Aperol Spritz a yummy margarita pizza and laugh and chat. Perfect!