It’s the parenting pitfall that nobody warns you about: it’s quite possible that one day, your beloved child may inadvertently stumble upon you and your partner having sex.

And celebrities are not immune, just ask Jessica Alba.

The 40yo Honey star and husband Cash Warren were sprung by their nine-year-old daughter Haven, a situation which left Jessica in tears!

The pair confessed on Jessica’s YouTube show Getting Honest in a clip obtained by People magazine.

“It was the worst,'” said Cash. “We like spent five minutes in our bedroom laughing and like being like: ‘I can’t believe it, we just ruined our daughter! We ruined her!'”

Nothing like traumatising your child for life to give you a case of the guilts.

“I started crying! I started crying!” moaned Jessica.

The pair decided to call 42yo Cash’s sister Koa who the pair often depend on for advice. Except this time Haven beat them to the punch!

“By the time we called Koa, Haven had already texted her,” said Jessica #AWKWARD

The pair, who share three children – 12yo Honor, 9yo Haven and 3yo Hayes – decided to hold an emergency family meeting.

Cash laughs that the tone was: “Haven, bet that’s the last time you walk into our room without knocking?”

If any positives have emerged froths awkward situation, it’s that Haven knows to not barge into her parent’s room anymore.

“Now she knocks. It was like she learned her lesson!” Cash laughed while Jessica says she found herself in tears again.

“I 100% cried!”

What to do if your kids catch you having sex

If you’re worried about traumatising your own kids should this happen, here are a few ways you can handle the situation …

Go light on the details

Obviously this will depend on the age of your kids, but if they’re old enough to know exactly what you’re doing, they will be too busy gouging out their own eyes to be asking you for details.

This is not an opportunity to go into the gory details of procreation, and especially not the nuances of recreational love making.

Be cool in the face of questions

This can last a few days, or even a few weeks, but staying as open and honest in an age relevant way helps diminish the taboo around the subject.

Install a lock on the door

The horse may have already bolted at Jessica and Cash’s house, but being prepared with a secure perimeter can help in future engagements 😉