Aussie model and television presenter, Jennifer Hawkins and her partner Jake Wall welcomed their first baby, sweet daughter Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall back in October, 2019.

Since then, the 36-year-old has been regularly sharing sweet posts of Frankie to social media and we’ve loved seeing a glimpse into Jen’s life as a mum.

While it may seem glamorous on Instagram, the Jbronze founder recently opened up about the couple’s lengthy struggle to finally hold their little girl in their arms.

“We’d been trying the year before, then fell pregnant, then had a miscarriage,” Jen told marie claire. “I went and saw a specialist and they wanted to test for endometriosis. I came up as having Stage Four, so they cleared it out. It happened over a two-year period, which felt like a lifetime.”

The former Miss Universe previously spoke about suffering a miscarriage in 2017, saying it was the toughest year of their lives and says it’s an important conversation and one we need to all talk more about.

“It wasn’t like I wanted to come out and be the poster girl for miscarriage, because I know a lot of women go through it,” she told marie claire. “For me, when I was going through my miscarriage and endometriosis, talking about it with my loved ones really helped me.”


It’s that positivity and strength that has helped the new parents get through the haze of sleepless nights.

“There have been some really difficult times, particularly with sleep deprivation when you’re just trying to do your best and you’re exhausted,” the former host of  Australia’s Next Top Model told marie claire.

“It makes everything hard some days. But I feel like because we’ve gone through so much to have her, I just snap back to thinking, “Oh my God, I get to do this, I get to do this”. I’m not saying it hasn’t been hard, but the gratitude overrides everything.”

As a new mum, Jen says she has experienced difficult times, particularly with sleep exhaustion.

Frankie is now eight months old and Jen is moving into the next phase with her little one, starting solids.

As the new ambassador for Bubs® Organic range, Jen says it was a huge decision to know what brand to choose and trust when introducing solids to Frankie.

“I actually started using Bubs® Organic puree pouches and rusks before being approached to be their global ambassador, which is amazing,” says Jen.

“I currently breastfeed Frankie but will move to toddler milk after her first birthday, I’ll confidently choose Bubs® Organic Toddler Milk because of their emphasis on Australian made quality and trusted reputation.  The Bubs® ethos of healthy nutrition and wellbeing perfectly aligns with my own values, which is why I am so happy and excited to take on this role!”