Toilet training your toddler is a tricky task for many parents and one which usually takes a lot of patience and some dedicated time spent at home.

With her country in lockdown amidst the coronavirus pandemic and at least the next four weeks spent at home, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has revealed that she and her finance, Clarke Gayford would be attempting to toilet train their one-year-old daughter Neve during the lockdown.

Last week, Clarke took to Twitter to say that potty training had commenced.

“I mean it’s as a good a time as any,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “Apologies in advance to the carpet.”

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However, Jacinda, 39 has since admitted that a few days into toilet training that so far they were not having much luck with Neve, who turns two in June.

In a heartening Instagram post to her followers on Sunday, Jacinda shared what has been happening her “bubble” this week.

‘There was a lot of this happening with our bubble today,” she wrote alongside an image of a Lego Duplo tower.

“Hope everyone is looking after themselves and their bubbles too.”

In the comments section Jacinda was asked how toilet training was going.

“We are having ZERO success!” the mum-of-one wrote.

“Wait! You have enough to do right now! ,” replied a follower.

Another shared that they were also jumping on the toilet-training bandwagon.

“We are toilet training too! The fact that you are leading our nation through a pandemic in a virtually flawless way that every other country is jealous of AND you’re potty training your child at the same time just proves what an absolutely exceptional human you are!!! I can barely handle the potty training alone. ”

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New Zealand PM and mum, Jacinda Ardern with her adorable daughter, Neve.

But it was the comment from Clarke Gayford, Neve’s main caregiver, that gave us a little giggle.

“@jacindaardern ‘we’,” he wrote, in a not so subtle suggestion that the majority of the toilet training is actually being done by him.

Funnily enough, Jacinda chose not to respond! But we think she can be forgiven – she does have a few other things on her plate, namely leading her country through a pandemic.