Take a deep breath, because this footage is shocking because of the sheer speed in which a baby is able to get into a risky situation in mere seconds while his mum’s attention was diverted.

Taking to TikTok on Sunday, a mother of three young boys shared a warning to parents everywhere alongside footage (see above) of the moment her toddler makes a beeline for the yard gate and escapes, heading towards a busy intersection in the moments that she was busy unlocking her front door.

In mere seconds, the very young boy made a beeline for the exit and got himself into a risky situation.

TikTok user, @victoriaelizabeth444 had barely turned her back for a moment when the tricky youngster made his way out of safety and into danger.

“The scariest moment of my life. Grateful he is fine. Kids are so fast!” she captioned the shocking video which has racked up over 10 million views so far.

In less than thirty seconds he was heading away from sight and into busy traffic as his mum raced to save him.

In the footage the busy mum can be seen returning home with her three sons, laden with bags, as she stops to open the front door.

This literal moment of distraction, with two of her sons standing by her side, was all her youngest needed to make his hasty escape.

In just 33 seconds, the time it took to get the door open, while she believed her three boys were by her side, the little one had headed speedily towards a bust local intersection, completely out of sight of the yard.

In a heartbeat, Victoria realises he has gone and manages to spot him making his way to the oncoming traffic. Racing, throwing her son’s schoolbag to the ground, the desperate mum makes it to her boy just as he reaches the danger point.

“I just held him and cried. I thought the gate was closed,” she said.

The video, has drawn mixed comments.

Thousands of parents replied to the video with empathy, shocked at how quickly the situation escalated.

“He got so far, so fast! it only takes an instant,” wrote one commenter.

“30 seconds. I timed it,” shared another. “That’s all it was, THIRTY SECONDS. Every mom in the world has looked away 30 seconds.”

“OMG!!! How hard did you cry??? My heart was in my throat 🥺” empathised another commenter.

“I just held him and cried. I thought the gate was closed,”

While others were quick to judge the young mum.

“It took mum wayyyy too long to look back and check up on baby,” said one such commenter, while another added: “She was so worried about putting everything else inside the house but the toddler”.

The shamers were quickly brought into line by other parents, who reassured Victoria that this could have happened to anyone.

A group of parents came to her defence online saying that similar incidents had happened to them.

“For everyone saying ‘how could you go so long without checking on your baby’ the video is 58 sec long people give her break we’ve all been there 🙄🙄” shared one supporter.

“Most of these parents not watching their kids to criticise a stranger on TikTok too,” another woman replied.

“All the perfect parent commentary,” another added. “Half of these people don’t even have kids! So glad he is safe, mama. Could happen to anyone!”