Hamish Blake has once again shared his birthday cake-making antics with his 1.1 million followers on Instagam and we are here for it!

Starting his stories at 4.30pm, he talked through the “parameters” for Sonny’s 8th birthday cake explaining that his take was to recreate Avatar: The Last Airbender, which is son whispered to him “as is tradition”. Showing a pic of the character he said “This pose is tricky enough in itself…”

The dad-of-two described his ‘loose’ idea a four-sided cake with Avatar on the top, reminding fans that the character controls earth, water, fire and air revealing his plan to have earth “exploding” out of the front of the cake.

Water would come from one side, air from the other and he said that he hoped that some for of pyrotechnic for fire would distract from the air element, which could be, he said, a “midnight problem”.

“This is the brief for my Son’s 8th birthday cake tonight. I already feel the familiar twang of this being too much, and the law of averages states I’m due for a flame out, but nevertheless, here we are,” he captioned his post. “I will begin posting about 7ish on my stories, if you feel like dropping by to watch a man crumble under the pressure of making a cartoon figure out of icing…”

Perhaps the biggest problem? Time. Hamish and wife Zoe Foster Blake had a charity ball to attend to. Hamish didn’t let that stop him – he took the icing with him!

Catch the action here!

Sonny whispers his request and his dad pulls out all the stops to make it happen.

The cake maker at work! Hamish took a ‘break’ from his creating to attend a charity ball with his wife. He shared snaps of the ball, and you can see the colouring icing on his fingers. Dedicated!

The finished cake! Zoe was keen praise her husband for his creation.

Scroll down to see some of Hamish Blake’s birthday cake creations…