While showering with her one-year-old son, Elio, Em Rusciano has shared a very raw and revealing insight into what is actually involved in getting a small, wriggly, human clean.

Alongside an image of the former 2Day FM host, 40 sitting on the floor of the shower with her son on her lap, Em wrote in an Instagram post:

“Remember when washing your hair wasn’t an extreme sport?! Sure sky diving is fun but have you tried shaving your legs with a toddler in the shower?!”

“Husband captured this, I have shampoo in my eye! At first I was horrified he’d done it but then I realised, this is the real stuff of life. And I love it. I do.”

In the comments section, one fan joked: “Hmm men..’ I could hold the baby… orrrrrr take a photo of my wife in the nude’ no brainer obvs”.

Em was quick to reply: “He’s trained well.. Content is king. But also, we’re both too tired to bath him properly so in the shower he goes. It was my turn.”

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The stand-up comic and her husband, Scott Barrow welcomed their son, Elio Arthur Rusicano-Barrow in 2019. To celebrate his first birthday in January, 2020, Em shared a series of images to Instagram with the caption:

“We did it, the first year is complete and it’s been the most joy filled year I can remember.

“’I must admit I miss my little non hair yanking, non stair climbing, non switch obsessed newborn because toddlers are fearless savages. I’m excited and terrified for the year ahead.

“What a gift Elio has been to our family, Happy birthday my heart, thank goodness you came along.”

In 2017, Em suffered a devastating miscarriage, describing the loss as the “most exquisite pain I can possibly fathom”.

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Em and her husband Scott have been married for 19 years and also share two daughters, Marchella, 17, and Odette, 11.

The regular panellist on The Project, revealed in January that she and her husband had been ‘struggling’ with their marriage in recent weeks and that together they had seen a counsellor and are now happier.

“We had to sit down last week and hash it out, we sat opposite each other and said (with our counsellor in the room) ‘I’m not happy at the moment and this is what I need from you to make things better for me’ – I needed him to listen and not solve he needed me to not react straight away to things he said that annoyed me (which was every second word..!) Things are better, today we are good, but tomorrow I may mouth ‘fuck you’ silently behind his back – and that’s ok too,” she wrote.

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Em with her husband, Scott and their three beautiful children.

Em went on to encourage others to get help if their relationship is struggling.

“Relationships are hard, that doesn’t get said enough. Get help if you need it, and everyone does – at some point in time – need help. Both of us make a living encouraging others to look after themselves, be brave and do good shit, so we’d be massive hypocrites if we didn’t apply the same principles to our marriage.”

The comedian finished off by suggesting we all be kinder in our relationships.

“Maybe just be a bit lighter and kinder with the person you’re in the trenches of life with over the next few weeks, and remember extended periods of time with extended family tests and triggers the best of us!”

Well said, Em, well said.