Father-of-three David Campbell has shared a parenting hack that has thousands of parents around Australia rejoicining in the lead up to Christmas.

Alongside of an image of a Elf in the Shelf contained in a glass jar along with a face mask and a bottle of hand sanitiser, the 47-year-old Today Extra host captioned the pic: “All elves must quarantine for 14 days! I know our elf will be lol.”

And just like that, it looks like David’s kids, Leo, 10 and twins Billy and Betty, both five will be watching their Elf spend most of Decemeber in isolation!

With Elf on the Shelf in quarantine, it’s one less thing for parents to worry about!

For those of you who may not have heard of Elf on the Shelf, it’s an insanely popular Christmas toy which parents secretly hide around the house (in often outrageous scenarios) in the lead up to Christmas morning. The toy comes with a book instructing kids to be on their best behaviour as the elf is “watching” and will report back to Santa.

While kids love the novelty of finding the elf each morning, for many parents it’s a hassle and just one more thing to add onto their never-ending to-do list.

It’s for this reason, David’s parenting hack for 2020 is being praised by so many.

“Thank you 🙏🙏 that’s going save a lot of hassle,” commented one follower.

Another added: “Safety first. 😷 brilliant.”

“Still have elf trauma from last Xmas,” penned another fan.

David with his wife, Lisa and their three children.

Officially, the Elf on the Shelf creators say “Elves can’t catch human sickness,” but on the website they note that “it’s important for you to know that they are happy to honor the practices of their adopted, human families and they always set a good example! So, your Scout Elf might choose to quarantine or wear a mask when they first arrive to model safety protocols. After all, they love being a member of your family and want to help you stay safe and healthy!”

The Elf on the Shelf website even offers up these Elf in isolation tips.

  1. Make your Scout Elf a special, comfy cozy spot. You can use a glass jar (with no lid), a doll house chair, or some fluffy cotton snow like a pallet for him or her to settle into. Even though your Scout Elf must still watch and report back to Santa, this gives them a safe spot to return to each morning.
  2. Make sure your Scout Elf can make a quarantine box, jar or pallet into a home while out of reach of little hands. Resting on a mantle, within the branches of a tall Christmas tree, or at the top of a bookshelf are excellent places for the elf to settle in for a long day’s work.
  3. Remember, although they like to set a good example, Scout Elves don’t have to remain in isolation for 14 days like humans. It could be just a few days or a few hours, in which they choose to model such good behavior.
  4. Mostly, Scout Elves want to remind you to be kind and think of others first, especially at Christmastime, which is why masks and quarantined moments are helpful in the first place.