Following on from the hilarious first episode of A Guide to Everything Parenting with Celeste Barber, we’ve been treated to the next instalment!

Once again the Instagram parody star and comedian, foists herself the same unsuspecting family as the first time around, creating chaos where all was calm.

She barges her way in to the household commenting on house as the mum scurries back into the kitchen calling out a panicked “She’s back!” to her husband.

Celeste launches in to “help you regain control at meal time”, during a peaceful family meal and shares her “deliciously effective tips from me, the ENTIRE world!”

The family doesn’t really want Celeste’s help – surprisingly!

Celeste’s tip number 1: The Two Can Tantrum Technique

In Celeste’s first parenting tip she turns to toddler Tyler, who sits quietly in his highchair, and says “There’s only one boss at this table, Mate, and it ain’t you!”

Smashing her own plate of food to the floor in a mock tantrum as the toddler looks on, she assures the Terry and Janine, “It’s pack mentality. I’m asserting my dominance.”

When they suggest it’s not the way to do things and recommends using the Everything button on their Chromebook – the whole point of these guides – Celeste is not impressed.

Referring to the dad as “Techy Terry” and forgetting the mum Janine’s name, Celeste calls a family meeting.

“I feel a sense of empowerment!”

Celeste’s tip number 2:  Dinner and A Show

“Kids will only eat vegetables if they are entertained by them,” says the home invader, before grabbing armfuls of veggies from the fridge asserting “What’s 36 minutes for a lifetime of healthy eating?” to the horrified parents.

In true Celeste style, what follows is a (bad) song and dance about eating vegies including the throwaway line “Just while I’ve got you. Peas. Suck. Don’t worry about them.”

Terry and Janine eventually manage to hit Everything on their Chromebook.

The parents try to regain control over their meal time with Terry it’s time to “Break out the secret sauce.”

“Thank you. I’d love a wine,” quips Celeste.

The couple open their Chromebook to find their ‘Nana’s Tomato Sauce (SECRET)’ as the 39-year-old comedian takes sneaky snaps on her phone, and ends the episode by saying she’ll be back in episode three with her OWN nana’s secret tomato sauce…

We’ll look forward to it!