Carrie Bickmore has taken to Instagram to share some important messaging in a completely adorable way thanks to the assistance of daughter Evie.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the state’s leaders and health officials have been giving the public daily updates on the importance of social distancing as we desperately attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus. School closures, closed borders, public gathering limitations and businesses closing their doors are just some of the measures being taken to keep this super bug at bay.

However, as crowds continue to gather in some areas it seems like the messaging around hygiene and social distancing might not be getting across.

Cue little Evie and her adorable song to try and cut through some of the noise.

In a video shared with Carrie’s almost 700k followers, The Project host announces: “In case you need a new song for your kids to sing while washing their hands!”

WATCH: Carrie Bickmore and daughter, Evie send an adorable message urging Aussies to wash their hands and stay at home. Continues after video …

Four-year-old Evie, while wearing a white t-shirt outside in the sunshine, sings the catchy hand-washing ditty to the tune of Romper Room’s ‘Bounce, bounce, bounce the ball…’

“Wash, wash, wash your hands
Washing’s so much fun
Use your hand, your fist, your wrist
And keep germs on the run”

Carrie also took a moment to talk to her fans and spread the isolation messaging that is so import right now as we try to flatten the curve of COVID-19 to keep vulnerable Australians safe.

“Stay safe guys, stay home and keep two arms lengths apart,” says Carrie. “Let’s do what we can to keep our country safe.”

Evie is not the only adorable celebrity tot to send out important coronavirus messaging via Instagram.

Earlier this week we were treated to what is possibly the cutest self-isolation video to grace the internet when Zoë Foster Blake shared this heart-melting clip of her two-year-old daughter Rudy threatening to scream if she sees people aren’t listening to self-isolation advice. Zoë captioned the video: “Please don’t make her scream.”

WATCH: Zoë Foster Blake shares a message from Rudy. Continues after video …