Is Bluey a boy or girl? The hit show smashes gender-neutral stereotypes

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Bluey and Bingo playing
Bluey and Bingo playing (Image: ABC Kids)

Fans are often surprised when they learn Bluey is a girl.

Many children’s shows tend to rely on gender stereotypes when portraying their characters but Bluey encourages viewers to see beyond traditional gender roles and expectations.

If you’ve missed it or are new to the hit animated show on ABC Kids, Bluey is a girl! In fact, both Heeler pups are female. Bingo is orange in colour, like her mum, Chilli and for this reason viewers often correctly assume she’s a girl. However, big sister Bluey is blue colour, like her dad, Bandit, and as a result, fans are often surprised when they realise she’s a girl.  

Bluey is very inclusive

While boy and girl colours are outdated gender-based stereotypes, the Bluey creators were clever to not focus storylines on a boy or girl nature, rather they are inclusive for every child.

Bluey focuses on imaginative play and adventures, which are not limited by gender. The show promotes the idea that all children can engage in various activities and play without being restricted by societal expectations.

Bluey family
Viewers often assume Bluey is a boy because she is blue and looks like Bandit. (Image: ABC Kids)

“You don’t remind your child what [gender] they are every minute…”

Bluey executive producer, Daley Pearson says the gender-neutral approach to Bluey came about organically.

“I don’t think it was intentional,” Daley said, of the decision to not constantly remind audiences whether Bluey is a boy or girl.

“I think Bluey is very true to life. I think it’s only referenced or put into context as much as parents would… And so for that reason, it’s probably more true to life, like you don’t sort of remind your child what [gender] they are every minute. And I think that was very refreshing for audiences.”

Bluey and Bingo playing
Bluey and Bingo playing with gender-neutral toys. (Image: ABC Kids)

People assume Bluey is a boy

Fans of the show are often quick to assume Bluey is a boy. In a Reddit chat, one fan of the show even admitted he was annoyed when he realised Bluey wasn’t a boy.

 “I thought Bluey was a boy and Bingo was the girl in that stereotypical nuclear family. I can’t remember how I found out Bluey was a girl but I remember being surprised and annoyed because how will boys relate? On reflection it’s a ridiculous thought. I constantly forget that they are girls.”

Another added: “I thought boy, only for the simplistic reason that Bingo was more clearly a girl, and the same coloring as mom. Whereas bluey shared the coloring as dad. Just assumed it was color coded. Ultimately it has no bearing on the show either way, which is nice.”

” I love how non-stereotypical it is and how little their genders are mentioned,” another fan wrote.

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