The highly anticipated season three of Bluey is currently airing on ABC Kids and one episode called, Onesies has struck an emotional chord with many women as it deals with infertility.

The episode introduces mum Chilli’s sister, Brandy, voiced by Australian actress Rose Byrne.

Fans of the show had speculated on why Brandy and Chilli hadn’t spoken in years and now we finally get our answer.

After coming for a visit and giving her nieces Bluey and Bingo onesies as a gift, we see Brandy clearly feeling awkward around the kids and her sister and wanting to leave.

Later in the episode, we see Bluey ask her mum why Brandy is sad and why they’ve only met her once.

As we watch Brandy playing with Bingo, Chilli suggests that Brandy is unable to have children of her own: “There’s something aunty Brandy wants more than anything as well but she can’t have it, and there’s not really anything anyone can do.”

Bluey epsiode Onesies hits viewers right in the feels.

In a post about Onesies on the Bluey Facebook page, women have shared their own struggles with infertility and thanked the show for dealing with the issue with so much heart.

“Thankyou so so much for bringing light to a topic rarely talked about. As the youngest of 6 siblings who all have their own children (I’ve now dealt with 7 years in total with infertility) I felt so seen with this episode with the tension between Chilli and Brandy. No one ever thinks about the feelings associated with having to be around family, longing for your own child as they get to have theirs so easily,” commented one fan.

“This episode hit me hard after 5+ years of infertility and doing IVF,” wrote another.

“There’s something aunty Brandy wants more than anything as well but she can’t have it, and there’s not really anything anyone can do.”

Women were also impressed with how Bluey deals with the tough subject matter with humour.

“It is so incredibly hard not being able to have the 1 thing you want most in the world, while everyone around you is having them; and it’s not that you’re not happy for them, because you are, it’s just bloody gut wrenching. Such a beautiful episode, but also funny as heck, had me laughing through my tears  ”

Added another: “Loved this episode. Laughing and then suddenly tears. I’ve struggled and was Brandy. Finally got my Bluey. Years of IVF and was told to stop as it wasn’t going to happen. After begging for a last cycle it happened naturally in the month between. It should not have been able to happen naturally but thankfully after 4 years of IVF I got a natural Bingo. Still hurts very much and I really feel for others who are still in pain.  ”