So, how’s home-schooling working out for everyone?” Cue: exhausted sigh from parents everywhere.

While many schools are still open (excluding Victoria and ACT) many kids have been strongly encouraged to stay home and stay safe amid the coronavirus pandemic.

As parents adjust to home-schooling (with many also juggling their own work from home commitments), a lot of us are looking to online resources to help us out.

And… help is now at hand with our list of the best educational, fun and free websites for Aussie kids.

Isolating at home amidst the coronavirus crisis? Thankfully, there’s loads of amazing websites that make learning fun.

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The Kid Should See This
A very cool collection of over 4300 kid-friendly videos on a huge range of topics, from technology, animals and DIY and more. Watch how to make a rope from grass, see how germs spread and watch 10 easy science experiments and so on.

National Geographic Kids
Head here for amazing facts on animals, geography, science, nature and history. Kids can also learn about coronavirus with helpful hints like washing your hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds – which is about as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice!

Cool Math 4 Kids
Loads of fun for the under 12s age group. Coolmath4Kids is an amusement park of games, lessons and more, designed to teach math and make it fun.

ABC Reading Eggs
Little ones are introduced to phonics, sight words and through game play, learning to read is fun. ABC Reading Eggs is suitable for children aged three to seven and is used in many schools. Try a 30 day free trial before purchasing a subscription.

Like ABC Reading Eggs but for maths! Kids will learn problem solving skills, how to add, subtract and more. Try a 30 day free trial before purchasing a subscription.

Access Mars
In isolation with a budding astronaut? Your space cadet can explore the real surface of Mars as recorded by NASA’s Curiosity ) rover. It’s out of this world! (sorry, not sorry)

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Have wannabe astronaut or a budding scientist? There’s a website to teach all about that!

With free access during the COVID-19 school closures period, this website covers a range of subjects from science, social studies, English and there is trending topics too where kids can learn a range of things like how to make a movie. Very cool!

Eddie Woo’s Wootube Math Channel
Math teacher and YouTube star, Eddie Woo holds very popular online maths lessons. Presented in a fun, engaging manner, Eddie’s video lessons are arranged according to year and topic.

Steve Spangler Science
Hundreds of free science experiments for your little scientist to try at home. From the ‘Colour Changing Milk’ experiment to ‘The Floating Egg’, there is loads of cool experiments to do.

Scholastic Learn From Home
Scholastic has created a free Learn From Home site with 20+ days of learning and activities. Parents can choose a suitable grade level for their kids, from preschool up to Year 9.