Two years on from the release of her parenting book, The Baby Bible Rebecca Judd has taken a flick though it’s pages and reminded us all of THAT boob picture!

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday, the 37-year-old football WAG gave us a glimpse of her sitting on the floor, flicking through her parenting handbook, The Baby Bible in a series of videos.

“I cannot believe it’s been two years since I launched my book. This book is for the modern new mum, the modern pregnant woman, and includes pics…” she said.

And while the book is certainly full of parenting gold from the mum-of-four, there is one particular insight around the realities of breastfeeding that none of us can forget!

WATCH: Rebecca Judd revisits her book, Baby Bible two years on. Continues after video …

Revealing the true impact her first pregnancy had on her body, Bec told at the time, “I looked ridiculous … like Dolly Parton on steroids. I was skinny arms and legs and bazookas out to here.”

Bec was discussing an image from the book of her engorged breasts, which after the birth of her first son Oscar became large, painful and ‘as hard as concrete’.

“I was a blubbering mess for two days with these bloody boobs. To touch them was like touching a wall. They were rock hard. It was awful. They were boiling hot. Burning hot.”

“They were so hard and it was really difficult to breastfeed because you have to nuzzle in to the boob to latch on to the nipple. But because they were rock hard it was almost like he couldn’t get on properly and it was really difficult.”

In case anyone thought she was exaggerating, Bec decided to include a picture of her solid and yes, massive, breasts in The Baby Bible with the caption: “Those boobs!”.

Baby got rack!

Bec not only details her painful journey with ‘those boobs,’ in The Baby Bible she also outlines all the things she wished she had known about breastfeeding before she became a mother, such as how hard it can be to breastfeed.

Bec has also been open about the reality around the notion of immediate, infinite bond between mother and baby.

“It was a shock,” Bec revealed in an interview with The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“You hear when this baby comes out and it’s all tears and it’s almost like you can hear this magical music playing, and it wasn’t like that. I was in shock.

“The obstetrician was saying, ‘Take you baby’, and it dawned on me with a thud: he’s your responsibility.”

It didn’t take long for her love for Oscar to fill her heart, yet Bec still wants to address this misconception.

“When it came, it was overwhelming and amazing,” she said.

“People don’t say that, and I want mums to know that if it’s not immediate, don’t worry, it will come.”

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