From the moment she shared her pregnancy experience with fans, comedian Amy Schumer has been keeping things very real.

From her pregnancy battle with hyperemesis gravidarum, to her struggles with breastfeeding and the hilarious error that saw her name her son a rude name by accident, The Trainwreck actress has been raw and open with her fans since baby and we love her for it.

Baby Gene, who the 39-year-old actor shares with husband, chef Chris Fischer is one now and we’re as smitten with him as we are with his mummy!

In addition to their incredible social media shares, Amy and Chris have allowed fans an inside glimpse into the raw reality of their parenting journey in a three-part docuseries Expecting Amy.

Cameras follow Amy and Chris as she prepares to give birth to their child and a new stand-up act, more or less along the same timetable. Amy promises fans a look at her anxious self, sobbing, naked and vomiting – lots of vomiting!

In the meantime, we’ve share our favourite moments in the life of Amy, Chris and Gene in the gallery below …

Amy Schumer’s son, Gene, has proudly said his first word and it’s ‘Dad!’

Amy’s reaction of surprise and joy is one that every mama can relate to when witnessing these precious firsts.

In the adorable video (see above), 16-month-old son sitting in his high chair. Speaking to the camera, Amy says, “We just wanted to say ‘Hi, Daddy. We miss you. We hope you’re having a fun day.’ Can you say ‘Dad’?”

Gene pauses for a second before repeating back, “Dad!”

Amy is both shocked and overjoyed and she begins cheer and celebrate the milestone moment with her friends.

Meanwhile Gene was surprised by his mum’s reaction ad he almost immediately bursts into tears, leaving Amy to console her sweet son and end the clip.

“This video was clearly a surprise to us,” the mum-of-one captions the video.

“Getting to experience these first moments with my son makes me feel so lucky.”

WATCH: Amy Schumer’s son Gene is adorable as he reads the newspaper in his highchair. Gallery begins after …