As some are dragging their feet returning to the (virtual) office after the holiday break, 10-year-old Jake Field can’t wait to start his new career… as a Ford Mustang Designer.

Thanks to his dad’s passion for collecting model cars, Queensland local Jake has loved cars ever since he can remember – none more so than the Mustang.

And even though he’s still young, Jake already knows what he wants to do when he grows up, with his mind set on designing future Mustangs – a career his mum has encouraged him to pursue.

Jake Field has loved cars ever since he can remember.

Sending his latest Mustang design, Jake also wrote a personalised letter to Max Wolff, Design Director at Ford Australia:

“Hi, my name is Jake, I’m ten years old and I live in Brisbane, QLD. I love cars especially the Mustang (my ultimate dream car) and would love to get into car designs when I’m older. I would like to share with you my Mustang design I created.”

10yo Jake Field sent his latest Mustang design to Max Wolff, Design Director at Ford Australia.

Much to Jake and his family’s surprise, they received a letter back from Max, thanking him for his passion and enthusiasm, with Max even saying Jake reminded him of himself when he was young.

“Receiving your letter reminded me that I too wrote a letter to the then head of GM Holden design when I was around your age. I received a reply that then inspired me to follow my passion and embark on a career as a car designer. I hope you too follow your dreams whatever they may become.”

“One of the key aspects of being a designer, of any kind, is being able to communicate your ideas and thoughts clearly and quickly. There’s no better way of doing that than drawing your ideas initially on paper. Practising drawing is the key to success in this business and a great folio will always get noticed.”

“Receiving your letter reminded me that I too wrote a letter to the then head of GM Holden design when I was around your age.”

Jake was even offered a meeting with the Ford Australia Product Development team once he’s old enough to apply for the Graduate Program.

“You’re a little too young to join our 2021 Graduate Program, but we’d love for you to apply for perhaps the 2035 intake of our Ford Australia Product Development stream. You’d get to work with over 500 rev-heads like you, designing Mustangs and other vehicles of the future! Please get back in touch once you’re old enough and we will set up a meeting with our Product Development team.”

As a special thank you for sending his letter, Ford Australia loaned Jake and his family a Mustang over Christmas as a special treat.

“This was the most amazing experience of my life and the best present I could have wished for. Thank you so much.”

Ford is Australia’s largest automotive employer, with a team of over 2,500 engineers, designers, technical, automotive and other specialists working at four locations across Victoria. Australia-based engineers and designers lead the development of award-winning vehicles sold in more than 180 markets globally, such as the Ford Ranger pickup and Ford Everest SUV.