By Tiffiny Hall, TIFFXO

As a lifelong fitness fanatic, personal trainer and mum, I get asked a lot about what I eat day-to-day. I think there’s this assumption that it’s all protein and broccoli for mum and dad, and no treats for my 3yo son Arnold.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re a healthy bunch, but like most households meal time is important to us and food is something we look forward to.

To be honest, pre-Arnold, I wasn’t much of a cook at all. Once upon a time a grilled chicken breast and some steamed greens was a feat for me. Meat and veg Mondays, meat and veg Tuesdays, and so on. But having a toddler forces you to think differently about food – veg in the form of veg just won’t cut it!

Luckily, launching TIFFXO meant working with a team of cooks and dietitians who opened my eyes to a world of easy, delicious, family-friendly cooking. I realised that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating boring.

Ed and I mostly follow the meal plan from my online health and fitness program, with some tweaks of course to tailor it to our needs – what we’re craving, how hard we’re training, or what Arnold will or won’t eat.

WATCH: Tiff Hall is all of us as she tries to feed Arnold healthy food! 

The more knowledgeable and skilled I’ve become in the kitchen, the more nourishing, satisfying and enjoyable meals have become. I’m no Martha Stewart, but nowadays there’s a lot more variety on our plates and Ed and I feel that we’re much better role models for Arnold than what we once might have been.

Thank heavens Arnie is a pretty good eater too – for a three year old that is. We still struggle to smuggle greens into dinners (I’ve even found the odd piece of broccoli hidden amongst his toys) but he loves his protein and fruit and has never been too fussed about sweets.

So here’s what a typical day-on-a-plate looks like for us Kavalees. But first, coffee. I kick the day off with an espresso, and often a glass of lemon water.

Tiff Hall is sharing her Day on a Plate.


I like to prep Arnold’s brekkie the night before to alleviate some of that morning chaos. Overnight Peanut Butter Oats is a winner.

Meanwhile I’ll go for an omelette. High in protein, quick, and easy to change up. Mushroom & Chive or Asparagus & Pea are my go-tos.

If I feel like something sweet or am behind schedule I make us a Cherry Ripe Smoothie instead – Arnold’s absolute fave!

Morning tea:

Bliss Balls of some sort are usually in our fridge. I whip them up in a jiffy on a Sunday and they last the work week. I serve Arnold’s with some blueberries, and mine with another espresso.

Choc dipped Pepita & Almond bars are another fridge staple I like to bulk bake during Sunday meal prep.


I get to cook more during the day since working from home, so I’ll usually grill some chicken and make a salad depending on what I’m vibing – Chickpea, Tomato & Basil; Blueberry & Kale; Pea, Mint & Radish.

Arnold will have protein (homemade Chicken Nuggets or homemade hamburgers) with a vegemite toastie and fruit. On really busy days it’s leftovers from last night’s dinner.


Being a good eater, and not too fussy (yet!) Arnold will eat a version of whatever meal Ed and I are having. Anything from a Steak Salad Bowl or Zucchini Lasagne, to a Greek Lamb Bake, Sticky Chicken or Pasta – pasta a la anything is a hands down hit with Arnold no matter what.

We’re all about balance, and while we have our moments – you know, those ‘grab an apple and go’ mornings, or the “leftover lasagne again?” nights – we focus on real foods that can be made in realistic time and that, above all, taste really good.