At three months of age, your bundle of joy is leaving the newborn stage. They will have grown a lot since birth and they will continue to be interacting with you and the world around them more and more.

Take a look a some of the development milestones your baby may hit around this time.

Holds up their head

By the time your baby is three months, the fontanelle (soft spot at the back of their head) should have closed. There will still be a soft spot on top of their head. It might seem as if your baby’s head has grown faster than their body. It’s normal – the body will soon catch up.

Your baby has almost gained complete head control, but her body still wobbles when you hold her in a sitting position. If you hold them upright with their feet on the floor or your lap, they’ll probably push down on their legs.

During tummy time, your little one will now be strong enough to hold their head up and lift their torso up with her arms.

For fun and successful tummy playtime, follow these tips:

  • Choose a comfortable time when your baby is awake, like after a nappy change, bath or sleep
  • Try a variety of tummy positions
  • Interact with your baby by talking, singing, playing with musical toys or textured toys
  • Never leave your baby alone or unsupervised during tummy time

During tummy time, your little one will now be strong enough to hold their head up.

Finds their hands

Many babies begin to suck their thumbs or fingers around this time because it’s the age when your baby may begin to suck their thumbs or chew on their fingers as they have found their hands. They may find them fascinating or a source of comfort.

Once your baby is able to reach out and grasp objects, they’re likely to put everything into her mouth to explore its size, shape, weight and texture. It’s natural for your little one to use mouthing to learn about the world.

They will spend more time examining objects like rattles, which develops her concentration.

Your baby’s communication powers are increasing.

Communicates with you

Your bub has most likely settled into her relationship with you and, as their communication powers grow, they will start communicating and will respond to different expressions, know your voice and will turn to look for you when they hear you. They may start laughing out loud too!

They will be gurgling a lot and trying to respond to you when you talk to them. Their sense of touch is also becoming more sensitive and they will be able to pay attention to things for longer.