Curiousity is a wonderful thing; it can lead you to making discoveries you never imagined even existed.

And it is the curious nature of artist and mother Jansen Howard that prompted her to take a peek at what her breast milk looks like… under a microscope.

As reported by Refinery 29, Ms Howard, who resided in Colorado Springs in the US, posted the video to Facebook and it has already had almost 2million views.

"You guys… this is so cool!” she wrote excitedly. “This is the living liquid gold we call breast milk in motion!”

“My dad is a blood microscopist and this is a single drop off my breast milk under his microscope!”

“It's miraculous and it's ALIVE tailored to my babies needs at this moment! Absolutely amazing!”

WATCH Ms Howard’s video of a single drop of breast milk under a microscope in the video below. Post continues.

Since the video went viral, Ms Howard was asked by online users about the comparison between breast milk and formula beneath the microscope (which you can see in the video below).

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