Being a parent is like being on a constant rollercoaster – it’s amazing and difficult and incredible all at the same time.

On blog site Reddit, parents shared the things they wish they has been told before they became parents from the down-right annoying to the simply wonderful.

  • That they have their own personality and it shows from day one. Don't try to shape your kid's character, go with it and guide them. Sometimes, that character sucks, and you need to accept that.

  • That peeing alone is a luxury

  • That even after millennia of billions of people parenting, nobody can agree on anything about how to go about it.

  • That when they get sick (which they will do, frequently) they get really sick. A common cold can floor them for a whole week; they'll hardly eat and run a temperature of 40+. It will scare the s^^^ out of you.

  • That I would feel worried or guilty at least once every day for the rest of my life.

  • You will never be able to sit down and finish a dinner without getting up.

  • That this tiny human can make me feel like a terrible human being or like a super hero with one look.

  • Newborn baby ears feel soft like rose petals. Rub your cheek against them all the time because one day their ears will be hard like yours.

  • Nobody tells you that when your child is high needs, you will go through a grieving process that never ends. A grieving process for the child he/she could have been, a grieving process for the relationship you envisioned when dreaming of parenthood.

  • How much it hurts when they say I hate you. Even though you know they are just mad and they don't mean it…it stings. I regret ever doing that to my mom, and now that I've experienced it…just prepare yourself for it.