As google releases their annual trends, it seems this year we have all spent a lot of time making slime and trying to buy bitcoins. Our favourite TV shows include '13 Reasons Why', 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!' and in the UK 'Strictly Come Dancing'. In the kitchen, we've been googling 'chilli con carne', 'hot cross buns' and 'caramel slice recipes'.

We've taken a look at some of the most common questions googled in 2017 and have come up with this, very relatable list. Mums (and dads) hands up, how many of these have you googled this year:

1. How to be a good parent?

It turns out Google's answer to this one is to 'give them encouragement with constructive criticism'. In our eyes, we think you just need to try your best and remember, you're doing an amazing job!

2. How to make slime?

Yep, we seem to be obsessed with making slime!

3. How to stay young?

Those sleepless nights can take their toll and it seems like we're all feeling it! For plumped and refreshed skin, try one of these anti-aging skin serums.

4. How to make Yorkshire puddings?

One word – yum!

5. How to make a fidget spinner?

One of the biggest crazes of 2017, if you didn't have one in your handbag, you were trying to make your own for your tot.

6. How to download Youtube videos?

Because sometimes, Peppa Pig is needed, even on the tube…

7. How to have twins?

We've got the answer to this one, take a look at these six factors that increase your chances of having twins or multiples.

8. How to tell when my baby is teething?

Swot up on those warning signs and take a look at this story on teething.

9. How to stay awake?

Without resorting to caffeine!

10. How to draw a unicorn?

Another huge trend this year – unicorns! It turns out if you're not planning a unicorn party, you're trying to draw them!

11. How to have a baby?

One we've definitely got the answer to, from trying to conceive tips, to birthing plans, you're in the right place!

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12. How to tell why my baby’s poo is green?

As scary as it might look, green baby poo is actually pretty normal.

13. How to French braid?

Looking for cute hair styles for your two-year old, now is the time to learn how to plait!

14. How to knit?

Whether it's a cure to the pregnancy insomnia or something to do whilst expressing, learning to knit can be a great boredom buster!

15. How to unblock my baby’s nose?

Snot sucks.

16. How to become a midwife?

It's a popular job!

17. How to induce labour?

From power walking to bouncing on a birthing ball – people try it all!

18. How to not be tired?

It's official – the most common subject on most parent's minds? Sleep.

19. How to get my baby to sleep?

Still struggling to get your little one into a routine? Don't worry, watch this doctor's trick to calming a bub!

20. How to potty train a boy?

On average, boys are ready to be potty trained a few months after girls, so don't worry if his friends at nursery seem ahead.

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21. How to sleep train my baby?

Searching Google to find the secrets of a silent night? We've got your baby sleep problems sorted.

22. How to potty train a girl?

As their communication skills are often more advanced than their male peers, girls are usually ready to start potty training before boys.

23. How to do baby led weaning?

Baby led weaning encourages baby to self-feed rather than receive purées via spoon.

This article first appeared on Mother & Baby UK.