Tammy Hembrow and her Ironman fiancé, Matt Poole are settling onto life as new parents with their sweet baby girl. On Sunday, 28yo Tammy shared the news of her little one’s arrival, at last, after the fitness model flew past her due date with no sign of her new baby girl being in a rush.

Little Posy, who joined siblings 6yo Wolf and 5yo Saskia, five, who Tammy shares with her ex-fiance Reece Hawkins, finally made her arrival as mum neared 42 weeks.

Now Tammy has shared the experience with her fans via a raw and real Youtube video, and as is her style, she’s left very little to the imagination!

Tammy labours at home before heading into the hospital.

The 10 minute video gives a very real glimpse into Tammy’s VBAC2 experience. After welcoming Wolf and Saskia via C-sections, the now mum of three chose the challenging route of delivering naturally the third time around.

They video begins with a trigger warning  issued by Tammy to her to her fans, writing: “This is my real and raw experience with a lot of screaming!”

Beginning with her labouring at home, the video shows us her journey through the challenging walk to get into the hospital right through to her experience labouring and delivering in the ward, supported by Matt and her two sisters Emilee and Amy.

Step … step … contraction!

Sister Amy helps Tammy make her way into the hospital at last.

Annnnnd another contraction!

As Tammy made her way through the carpark and into the hospital, wracking contractions had her stopping every few steps as Matt supported her through back massage as best he could.

The video is filmed on Emilee’s phone as Tammy’s video had the unfortunate timing of running out of room on the memory card. Of all the times!

The exhausted mamma used the shower to help with the pain.

Tammy feels the urge to push, supported by Emilee and Amy.

Matt, who said he was going to take a back seat and let the sisters, who are all mums, take the lead during the birth and that can be seen throughout. The four of them made a great team to help bring Posy into the world safely.

Urged by Emilee to push “into her bum” Tammy uses all her strength to get Posy out.

Supported by family, Tammy manages a successful VBAC2 delivery.

After 30 minutes of intense labour, Tammy trusted her body’s natural calling and started pushing out her newborn daughter surrounded by her family

The footage captures the entire birth including the heartstopping moments as they all await Posy’s first cries.

Welcome to the world, Posy!

As news of little Posy’s arrival made the ‘gram, Tammy revealed that her birth was a lot “quicker & a lot more dramatic than we expected” – which, perhaps, isnt that surprising given that Posy was overdue. “I did have pretty severe postpartum haemorrhaging, but I am so blessed she arrived safely & still had such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.”

Maybe three bubs are enough for the fitness model as she says “Can’t say I want to do it again any time soon lol women are incredible!”. Fiance Matt Poole is obviously – and appropriately – in awe: “Incredible for sure ❤️” he replied to her post.

Congratulations everyone!

Watch Tammy’s full birth video below …