When it comes to naming your baby, it’s a big decision. Afterall, this small person you are creating is going to be stuck with the moniker for life.

One of our members, was facing a baby naming dilemma and she called on our community for their advice.

“My sister has a two-year-old daughter called Addison and I’m almost due with my first child, a baby girl,” begins our mum-to-be.

“My husband and I love the name Maddison. Of course, I realise the names are very similar but I think it’s cute. I asked my sister and our mum what they thought and they both think we should choose another name. Aargh, I’m torn.”

The mum finishes the post by asking, “Do my husband and I go with the name we like best? I’m worried it might cause an issue if go with Maddison. What would you do?”

Our community was quick to flood the post, with over 360 comments there was plenty of honest advice to be shared and quite a few tales of similar baby name scenarios.

“I would use the name you chose. If you love it, you will regret it if you choose something else. Stuff what anyone thinks, if they’re mad about it that’s their problem. I would have still used my girls’ names even if my best friend had’ve used them,” advised a member.

“I love the name Maddison. It’s similar however it is different! I would call her what you what you want. You’re not calling her the same name. They probably love it growing up. Addi and Maddi. Gorgeous,” commented another.

“I think you should name your child whatever you want. You can’t help or change the order that the children were born. I don’t think it’s fair, that just because the names a similar you have to go with any other name to avoid problems, they are actually two different names that just happen to sound similar,” added a member.

Does it matter if your baby has a similar name to your sister’s child?

With literally hundreds and thousands of baby names to choose from, this commenter said she would pick another name if she was in the same scenario.

“I totally see both sides but personally would choose a different name. There are sooooo many beautiful names.”

Another member offered these wise words: “Your first instinct was to ask your family their opinion, which I think it’s very thoughtful and kind. I say go with that and choose something else. We wanted to name our first something different, but my sister-in-law got in first. So we chose another name, and she’s had that name for years and I couldn’t imagine her anything else. There are so many beautiful names. Your baby will bring her own beauty and joy, so my vote is pick something else.”

If cousins were called Maddison and Addison, is it sweet or way too similar?

Offering a sweet perspecive on the mum-to-be’s dilemma was the person who wrote: “My 15 yr old niece is Molly. When I had my daughter in 2014 she was the first person I called to say she had a cousin Holly. They are the Olly club. Do what you want, they’ll get over it! It’s not the same name, yes close, but still different.”

A commentor also spoke of baby name regret she experienced. “I wanted to call my son Mason but my Nan talked me out of it cause my cousin wanted to use it so I didn’t use it…. I have regretted it ever since you do what you want or you will regret it.”

While there were plenty of members all for our mum-to-be going with the name Maddison, there were also a lot suggesting she reconsider a choose another gorgeous.

Fingers crossed, the honest advice from our community helped her come to a decision.