Prime Minister Scott Morrison has issued an urgent plea for parents to send their children back to school.

However, some states are dishing out conflicting advice. The PM’s message comes as Victorian schools reopen for their first day of term two, with the majority of students expected to remain home for online learning after the State’s Premier Daniel Andrews requested only children of essential workers to physically attend.

While the PM is telling students to return to school, it seems the majority of parents are intent on keeping them home.

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Mr Morrison says children need to complete their education at school and allow parents to work where possible.

“We cannot allow a situation where parents are forced to choose between putting food on the table through their employment, to support their kids and their kids’ education,” he says in the message.

“We will lose many things in the course of fighting this virus. One thing that I know teachers are united on, with their parents, is we do not want one of those things to be the loss of a child’s education, giving up a whole year of their learning.”

The PM said expert medical advice has remained the same since the pandemic began, advising parents, teachers and students that the coronavirus risk at school is very low.

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Scott Morrison says parents cannot be choosing between putting “food on the table” or sending their kids to school.

Parents have responded to the PM’s latest messaging on The Today Show’s Facebook page with the majority believing kids should remain at home.

“Schools are hectic. How is sending kids going to help stop the spread. If you want kids to go back to school then you may as well open parks, and lift all these social distancing rules,” wrote one concerned mum

“So, it’s alright to put teachers in danger because that’s what is going to happen. We are heading into winter anyone who works with children will tell you they are germ spreaders,” added another.

There will be a national cabinet meeting tomorrow, so watch this space for how this ongoing school attendance debate unfolds.