School camps are an Australian institution. Each year, children from senior primary classes through to high school head off for a night or two of fun, adventure and education at specialised facilities across the country.

School camps are a great opportunity for learning about the great outdoors, experiencing nature-play while developing entire new skill sets that become invaluable as life goes on.

However, an Australian school bush camp is often a child’s first experience being away from home, and that excitement and independence can come with a little bit of anxiety – for kids and parents alike.

One way to help alleviate that anxiety is to be organised. Helping to pack and organise their own gear for school camp is a great way to give children an idea about the kinds of activities that they’ll undertake while they’re away.

For example: practicing using a sleeping bag, and putting it back in its bag will give them the confidence that they can handle it when the time comes, without becoming overwhelmed.

Having an idea of what they’ll need, and what to pack for school camp will get them off to a great start for the independence that this experience will expose them to.

Hot tip: Label, label … and double check the labels. Having every single item that goes into your child’s bag labelled with their name will assist when – inevitably – their gear takes a detour.

School camps are a rite of passage in Australia.

What to pack for an Australian school camp

Your child’s school will usually send home a list that has been co-ordinated by them and the facilities your child will be visiting. This is a guideline and should be followed, however do go through that list thoroughly and add to it if you feel there are necessary items that will make the difference between your child having a great time, or a not-so-great time at school camp.

Making the list is one thing, remembering it all is quite another! Organisation is key, so get started ahead of time with your child, so that you both know what you’ll need to find, buy or borrow well before the date arrives. Nobody wants a last-minute scramble.

Here’s what your child should consider bringing, and what they might want to leave at home for school camp.