I have four kids, all of them know how to make mess, but there’s one in particular I definitely would not rent out an airbnb to, if you know what I mean?

As it is for most parents, getting kids to clean up after themselves is a challenge, particularly the little mess-nests they create in their bedrooms.

One mum has shared a hack that she discovered that truly worked, and it has mums all over the world rushing to the pantry!

A Facebook group, called Grown and Flown shared a post that had been shared from a mum who was tired of arguing with her teenage son about cleaning his room. She had heard about a hack that involved sprinkling black rice in a messy teen’s room to make it look like mice droppings and motivate them to get cleaning.

And it worked!

She wrote: “I just want to thank whoever posted about the mouse and black rice. I owe you big time. I’m having my house painted this week and I was sick of being mortified of my 18 yo sons room!⁣

“I am awful but I texted him and told him the painter just swore he saw a mouse and there’s droppings. He comes home and he was so upset and grossed out that he cleaned his room for four hours.⁣”

Not only did the fake mouse poo inspire his cleaning frenzy, it even garnered his sneaky mum an apology!

“Leaves and texts me he is so sorry he will be mopping the floor in there and he will find it,” she shared. “If I wasn’t so happy and just got all my cups and spoons back I might feel a little guilty.⁣”

The poo hack not only had her son cleaning, but her daughter freaked out and cleaned hers too!

“His sister is still cleaning her room because she doesn’t want it to come in her room next.😂🤣⁣!” shared the gleeful mum.

Black rice looks just like mouse poop!

“Genius!! Heading to the rice aisle now!”

Parents were quick to jump on the genius idea, with over 2000 commenters praising the clever trick and reassuring the mum that she would not be going to hell for her trickery.

“No hell for you!,” wrote one supporter. “I think you get bonus points for helping us all find a way to help lower our anxiety/stress from our kids rooms!!”

“You’re not going to Hell!” assured another.  “I’m giving you an award for the most clever idea I’ve heard in a while!! I’m gonna try it!!”

While another confessed: “If you are going to Hell my love I’ll join you because I’m saving this one for my teens!”

What do you think of the idea? Genius or cruel?