Those faded yellow sweat stains on clothes can be impossibly stubborn to remove… but not anymore!

Chantel Mila, a mum-of-two from Melbourne, has come up with a genius hack that will not only remove sweat and deodorant stains but will leave your white clothes, whiter and brighter than ever before.

The cleaning and organisation expert, who posts under @mama_mila_ shared the clever hack to TikTok and we are in awe of its genius simplicity.

Chantel’s TikTok showed a ‘before’ and ‘after’ of the stained garment being transformed to its former white and bright glory.

The ‘before’ image of the sweat-stained garment.

Chantel instructed viewers to: “Soak in warm water and two denture tablets for half an hour. Wash as usual.”

Before adding the ‘after’ picture which showed the stains had vanished and explains that this hack works because, “Denture tablets have whitening properties and break down stains on white clothes.”

The TikTok received thousands of views with many clearly impressed and sharing their own denture tablet hacks.

“Good tip, tablets are good in a toilet too,” commented one fan.

“Thank you, I never knew this,” wrote another.

Watch the TikTok “Hack: how to remove sweat stains from white clothes” below from @mama_mila