By Louise Keats

For many first time mamas, resuming any form of sexual intimacy with your significant other can sometimes be a point of tension.

The recovery that takes place post birth can lead to a lack of libido and the physical changes we experience can mean that sex is no longer as enjoyable for either of you.

Plus, for so many post-natal women, those changes can also lead to urinary incontinence, with even just a cough or sneeze causing bladder leakage.

But thankfully, help is at hand.

Vaginal rejuvenation (revagination) is the term used to describe the process of tightening, repairing, or otherwise improving the function of the vagina.

There are a growing group of procedures, surgical and non-invasive, that are becoming increasingly more popular for women, such as the Emsella, which you can find at Vive Sculpt, Neutral Bay.

Considered a breakthrough treatment for incontinence and female sexual satisfaction, this unique form of medical technology utilises electromagnetic energy.

Like an extension of your pilates workout (already known to support your pelvic floor), Emsella induces thousands of contractions in your pelvic floor region to re-educate and strengthen your muscles.

Completely pain free, all you have to do is sit upright, fully clothed, on the Emsella chair.

In a half hour session, you will complete the equivalent of many thousands of those annoyingly difficult Kegel exercises, at a much greater intensity than you could ever perform on your own.

The Emsella chair induces thousands of contractions in your pelvic floor region to re-educate and strengthen your muscles.

The frequency and level of movement experienced is what provokes your skin and muscle tissue to produce added collagen, elastin and muscle control, and as a result increasing the tightness and levels of sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

The treatment targets both incontinence and lax vaginal walls, with 95% of Emsella patients reporting a significant improvement in their overall quality of life. 75% have also disclosed a dramatic reduction in the use of pads due to bladder leakage.

Tailored to the individual, your specific wants and needs, Emsella is a simple 30-minute session recommended for x6 treatments in order to experience optimal results.

Combine this with your regular pilates workouts (mat or reformer, pick your fave), and your muscle memory will have increased exponentially.

Regular pilates workouts will help to improve your pelvic floor.

Emsella represents an exciting intersection between wellness and technology, challenging the body and mind to create a better version of you thanks to ground-breaking medical advancements. Typically found in medical clinics, you will also be able to find this device (and other incredible sculpting technologies), at the new Vive Active pilates studio in Neutral Bay. Removing the stigma sometimes experienced when exploring female personal care, the team at Vive have successfully created a wellness hub welcome to all.

When you feel good, the rest just falls into place (sex included).

Visit Vive Active to find out more.

Louise Keats is a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach, Author and Co-Founder and Director of Vive Active and Vive Sculpt.